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Management for Project Developers

Web-based user management is one of the most important functions for the OSDN's team development environment. Project admins are given full control to give permissions to developers regarding ticket system, message forum, Wiki, and so on.

Currently, all developers are given the access permission to write in repositories such as Git/Subversion, and group directory (web site).

How to Add a Developer to a Project

Project admins manage the developer list of their project. Those who wish to joint the project as a developer will have to finish the user registration, and then submit a request to the project admins about joining the project.

Project admins can add a new member to their project from “Member Permissions” page. To go to “Member Permissions” page, log in to your project page, then click the “Admin” button, and from the “Admin” pull down menu, find “Member Permissions” and click. Next, by clicking “Add Member” button, you can add a new member.

  1. Go to the project's admin page. (
  2. When you click the “Add Member” button, “Add project members” form will pop up. Now, enter the the “Login Name”.
  3. Lastly, click on the “Add” button to finalize the process.

How to Remove a Developer from a Project

To remove a group member, go to the project's “Admin” page and select “Member Permissions” from the “Admin” pull down menu. Now you can remove a user from the project's member list by clicking the “Leave” button.

How to Edit Developer Permissions

To edit the developer permissions within your project, first, select “Member Permissions” from the “Admin” pull down menu. Then, click the “Edit Permissions” on the upper right of the information section of each member. Now you're at the page where you can edit developer permissions.

The items you can edit are as follows.

Project Admin

Project Admin is given the admin permissions to administer the entire project. A member who becomes the Project Admin is given the permissions to all project functions. Each project will need at least one Project Admin.

Project Role

Each member will have to have a role in the project. However, whatever “Project Role” chosen here will be “just a title”, so don't expect to have any special rights coming along with that title. (Like so, a role or a title is simply a peace of d.ANicor. LOL )

File Release

If your project is using the file release function, you can put a check to the “Release Technician” to give the member the permissions to upload or change a file, or make it public for a release.


There are two types of permissions regarding ticket.

One of the permissions is “Ticket Technician”. Ticket Technician will be in charge of or managing the entire ticket system. For tickets, there are a few items you can set up to help with the categorization (such as mile stone, admin, component, category, and so on), and a ticket technician will edit them so the tickets are smoothly incorporated into making necessary changes. With the “Ticket Admin” permissions, you can set up all these properties.

The other permission is “Ticket Admin”. This will be the permission given to a developer who will be in charge of responding to the submitted tickets. Given this permission, the developer will be able to edit all the tickets (for example, edit the description of the ticket or change the priority order.)

These two permissions are independent, so it is possible to grant both these permissions to one user.


To grant a member with the permission to remove messages from the forum, put a check to “Moderator”. By the way, to start a new forum, the member will need to be the Project Admin.

Permissions for Document Manager/Wiki

Member with the "editor" permission can add/modify/delete documents on Document Manager and Wiki.