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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Project Database

Here, we put together frequently asked questions regarding project database.

Q: Where can I can I request support regarding project database.

A: We accept support requests at OSDN Support Request. When submitting a request, configure the category to “Project DB”

Q: If I want to use two or more databases, what should I do?

A: We limit the number of database each project can use, and that is one. This is based on the idea that one database should be enough by splitting a table. But if you really need to use two or more databases, submit support request together with the reasons.

Q: I want to create two ore more users.

A: Every project is issued only one user. Currently, there are no plans as to allowing a project to create multiple users.

Q: Is PostgreSQL available?

A: Currently, we don't have a plan to support PostgreSQL. Only MySQL is supported.

Q: Can I use projects that are not hosted on OSDN?

A: No, you can not. OSDN provides services only for projects that are hosted on OSDN. You can not use projects that are not hosted on OSDN.

Q: Is there any way that I can access from a hosting site besides OSDN.

A: OSDN database server can only be accessed within the OSDN hosting site. You can not access from outside. You may want to use web server or shell server.

Q: How does the backup work?

A: Based on OSDN's backup policy, we make complete backup by using full dump of the databases once every day early in the morning.

Q: Are there any admin tools for the database?

A: On OSDN, we do not provide admin tools for project database. If necessary, a project can set up phpMyAdmin (Web base database management tool) on the project web server.