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时间 2011-09-03 15:22:57
作者 toshinagata1964
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 *  MDAudio.h
 *  Alchemusica
 *  Created by Toshi Nagata on 08/01/06.
 *  Copyright (c) 2008-2011 Toshi Nagata. All rights reserved.

 This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
 the Free Software Foundation version 2 of the License.
 This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 GNU General Public License for more details.

#ifndef __MDAudio__
#define __MDAudio__

#include <CoreAudio/CoreAudio.h>
#include <AudioToolBox/AudioToolbox.h>
#include <AudioUnit/AudioUnit.h>
#include "MDAudioUtility.h"

typedef struct MDAudio MDAudio;

#define CHECK_ERR(var, funcall) do { var = (funcall); if (var) { MDAudioShowError(var, __FILE__, __LINE__); goto exit; } } while (0)

//  CoreAudio specific
typedef AudioStreamBasicDescription MDAudioFormat;
typedef AudioDeviceID MDAudioDeviceID;

enum {
	kMDAudioDeviceUnknown = kAudioDeviceUnknown

#define	kMDAudioMusicDeviceUnknown ((UInt64)0)

enum {
	kMDAudioFileAIFFType = kAudioFileAIFFType,
	kMDAudioFileWAVType = kAudioFileWAVEType

/*  Cached information for the hardware audio devices  */
typedef struct MDAudioDeviceInfo {
	char *name;  /*  malloc'ed  */
	MDAudioDeviceID deviceID;
	SInt16 nChannels;
	SInt16 flags;   /*  For internal use  */
	UInt32 safetyOffset;
	UInt32 bufferSizeFrames;
	MDAudioFormat format;
} MDAudioDeviceInfo;

/*  Cached information for Music Devices (software synthesizers)  */
typedef struct MDAudioMusicDeviceInfo {
	UInt64 code;  /*  SubType and Manufacturer  */
	char *name;   /*  malloc'ed  */
	MDAudioFormat format;
	unsigned char hasCustomView;
} MDAudioMusicDeviceInfo;

#define kMDAudioNumberOfInputStreams 8
#define kMDAudioNumberOfOutputStreams 1
#define kMDAudioNumberOfStreams (kMDAudioNumberOfInputStreams + kMDAudioNumberOfOutputStreams)
#define kMDAudioFirstIndexForOutputStream kMDAudioNumberOfInputStreams
#define kMDAudioMusicDeviceIndexOffset 1000

/*  Cached information for audio input (up to 8) and output (one). */
typedef struct MDAudioIOStreamInfo {
	int deviceIndex;  /*  -1: none, 0-999: {input|output}DeviceInfos, 1000-: musicDeviceInfos  */
	int busIndex;     /*  The bus number (redundant, but useful in the callback)  */
	UInt64 deviceID;  /*  UInt64 for music device; AudioDeviceID for audio device  */

	AudioUnit unit;   /*  AUHAL or MusicDevice  */
	AUNode node;      /*  Node in the AUGraph  */
	AudioUnit converterUnit;  /*  Converter unit (for MusicDevice)  */
	AUNode converterNode;
	float pan;
	float volume;
	/*  for input AUHAL only  */
	AudioBufferList *bufferList;  /*  Buffer for getting audio signal from AUHAL  */
	MDRingBuffer *ring;           /*  Ring buffer for feeding the mixer input  */
	MDSampleTime firstInputTime;  /*  Time stamp for audio signal input  */
	MDSampleTime firstOutputTime; /*  Time stamp for audio siganl output  */
	MDSampleTime inToOutSampleOffset;  /*  Time stamp offset  */
	SInt32 bufferSizeFrames;      /*  buffer size  */

	/*  for MusicDevice only  */
	AUMIDIControllerRef midiCon;
	char *midiControllerName;  /*  malloc'ed  */
} MDAudioIOStreamInfo;

MDStatus MDAudioInitialize(void);
MDStatus MDAudioDispose(void);
int MDAudioShowError(OSStatus sts, const char *file, int line);

//MDAudio *	MDAudioNew(void);
//void		MDAudioRelease(MDAudio *inAudio);

MDStatus    MDAudioUpdateDeviceInfo(void);
int         MDAudioDeviceCountInfo(int isInput);
MDAudioDeviceInfo *MDAudioDeviceInfoAtIndex(int idx, int isInput);
MDAudioDeviceInfo *MDAudioDeviceInfoForDeviceID(int deviceID, int isInput, int *deviceIndex);
MDAudioDeviceInfo *MDAudioDeviceInfoWithName(const char *name, int isInput, int *deviceIndex);
int         MDAudioMusicDeviceCountInfo(void);
MDAudioMusicDeviceInfo *MDAudioMusicDeviceInfoAtIndex(int idx);
MDAudioMusicDeviceInfo *MDAudioMusicDeviceInfoForCode(UInt64 code, int *outIndex);
MDAudioIOStreamInfo *MDAudioGetIOStreamInfoAtIndex(int idx);

/*  idx: 0-(kMDAudioNumberOfInputStreams-1)...input, kMDAudioFirstIndexForOutputStream...output */
/*  deviceIndex: -1: none, 0-999: {input|output}DeviceInfos, 1000-: musicDeviceInfos  */
MDStatus    MDAudioSelectIOStreamDevice(int idx, int deviceIndex);
MDStatus    MDAudioGetIOStreamDevice(int idx, int *outDeviceIndex);
MDStatus    MDAudioGetMixerBusAttributes(int idx, float *outPan, float *outVolume, float *outAmpLeft, float *outAmpRight, float *outPeakLeft, float *outPeakRight);
MDStatus    MDAudioSetMixerVolume(int idx, float volume);
MDStatus    MDAudioSetMixerPan(int idx, float pan);

/*MDStatus	MDAudioStartInput(void);
MDStatus	MDAudioStopInput(void); */
/*MDStatus	MDAudioEnablePlayThru(int flag);
int			MDAudioIsPlayThruEnabled(void); */

MDStatus	MDAudioPrepareRecording(const char *filename, const MDAudioFormat *format, int audioFileType);
MDStatus	MDAudioStartRecording(void);
MDStatus	MDAudioStopRecording(void);
int         MDAudioIsRecording(void);

//MDStatus	MDAudioPrepareRecording(MDAudio *inAudio, MDAudioDeviceID deviceID, const char *filename, const MDAudioFormat *format, int audioFileType);
//MDStatus	MDAudioStartRecording(MDAudio *inAudio);
//MDStatus	MDAudioStop(MDAudio *inAudio);
//MDStatus	MDAudioStopRecording(MDAudio *inAudio);
//int         MDAudioIsRecording(MDAudio *inAudio);
//MDArray *	MDAudioGetDeviceInfo(int isInput);
//MDAudioDeviceID	MDAudioDeviceWithName(const char *name, int isInput);

void	MDAudioFormatSetCanonical(MDAudioFormat *fmt, float sampleRate, int nChannels, int interleaved);

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