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For Those who have a love for art & Technology and a need to create. The plane is to bring a flare to the bland outlook people have for the program world They see B/W most of the time, and then when they don't its because the program they are using is an art based program. Each and every Project well be based on open source software bring that flare as I said before. Every new project well be voted on majority rules. Seeing how at the moment it is me and myself my partner took another road. The App that is being Beatify is Portable App's. This is because There are many ways this app can be built and so it should have a different look for each new creation. the plane is to beatify (3) different Versions of this App Blue, Red, and Black each set for a different theme. Hard Core Is one of them. If you'd like to know the other Two Lets talk.


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