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Bytom Desktop Electron App

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修订版c69faf848f9ba26b867feed1c8dfda17e406a3dd (tree)
时间2020-03-26 14:46:16
作者Zhiting Lin <zlin035@uott...>
CommiterZhiting Lin

Log Message

update wording mistake



--- a/modules/interface/locales/en/translation.json
+++ b/modules/interface/locales/en/translation.json
@@ -370,7 +370,7 @@
370370 "mainnetMsg":"For common users to enter. Mainnet is the production network, that carry real Bytom transactions.",
371371 "testnetTitle":"Join the Bytom Testnet",
372372 "testnetMsg":"For developers or bytom testers to enter. Testnet is an alternative Bytom blockchain, and to be used for testing.",
373- "solonetTitle":"Create the Bytom Soloent",
373+ "solonetTitle":"Create the Bytom Solonet",
374374 "solonetMsg":"For users/developers to run and test wallet's new function. Solonet is a private sandbox blockchain network."
375375 },
376376 "backup":{
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