New File Storage Feature Added: It allows using rsync, scp, sftp to operate
2017-12-15 13:22 (by sado)

We added a new file release feature "File Storage" which allows using rsync, scp, and sftp for file upload and management.

The conventional package/release-style file release system had many features, and it allowed file and release management via API, but it didn’t allow file management through the use of generic command line tools like rsync. Considering how common it has become in these few years to link with development assistant tools and web services, and as we began to have projects who migrate from other open source hosting sites, we were met with several cases in which not being able to operate via generic command line tool was an issue. This newly added file storage system will resolve that problem and will be there to supplement the conventional release system.

The Properties of the File Storage feature.

  • For file upload and management, you can use rsync, scp, and sftp only. Operation via web is not allowed.
  • Uploaded files will be given adequate permissions automatically by the system.
  • Directory can be created optionally.
  • Below the file list, you can show the contents of the README or that exist in the same directory.
  • Like the conventional release system, files will be distributed via the same global mirror network.

Currently, it is turned off as default, so if you wish to use it, please go to the Admin page of the project's feature menu and turn on the file storage feature. When it is turned on, a link to a URL written in the form of name)/storage/ will be added to menu and such. For usage and specification, please refer to Guide to File Storage. Also, it includes the rsync, scp, sftp command examples to access storage using "Help" button on the feature page.

The current File Storage feature lacks functions like history and stats, but they will be implemented sequentially and accordingly.

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