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2015-12-09 15:03 (by sado)

We proudly announce the two new mirror sites that were set up in the US and Germany, for OSDN's file release system.
All the files that were released through the use of file release system of OSDN's projects and chambers are mirrored by mirro (显示更多...)


2015-08-25 18:20 (by sado)

Now we offer HTTPS access even to the users who aren't logged in to OSDN accounts. Before, due to the system technicalities, we offered HTTPS access only to those who were logged in to OSDN accounts.
Basically, the web site as a whole suppor (显示更多...)


2015-08-19 17:32 (by sado)

“Project Web” function, which is the web hosting function used by projects registered at OSDN, now supports HTTPS access.
Just like the conventional HTTP access, now it can be accessed with HTTPS. Now, http URLs like http://(projectname).osd (显示更多...)


2015-07-24 15:54 (by sado)

It's been two months since our site has changed the name to OSDN. Here, we would like to talk about our fundamental policy which hasn't changed a bit ever since the site has been founded, and the new three principles which were established aft (显示更多...)


2015-06-01 17:41 (by sado)

Seeing so much confusion and insecurity among the users caused by the incidents that were broken out in other companies proving similar services, we would like to explain our policy on malwares and adwares and ads that lead to irrelevant softw (显示更多...)
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