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2019-12-31 01:25 (by sado)

Where OSDN's head office is located, New Year period is considered to last until the 5th in 2020, and OSDN's first day of business in 2020 will be Monday, January 6th.
Therefore, there may be a bit of a delay in response until the 5th.
If an (显示更多...)


2019-12-03 16:50 (by ishikawa)

We've add Admin UI to strip revision on Mercurial remote repositoy
(OSDN server side repository) for project.
You can submit strip request on Project Mercurial admin UI. On the
admin UI repositiry list, each repository will have Strip butto (显示更多...)


2019-11-29 15:26 (by sado)

We have just added a new feature on our test release Download Statistics. Now you can export the displayed data in JSON or CSV output format.
You can get the data either by clicking the button on the header of the table or by directly downlo (显示更多...)


2019-09-08 10:43 (by ishikawa)

There was a problem with browsing/interaction the web of osdn.net due to a problem in the CDN settings.
The problem has already been fixed.
2019-09-07 0:00 UTC to 2019-09-07 21:00 UTC
There was a problem that css or js coul (显示更多...)


2019-06-12 13:26 (by sugi)

This maintenance has been completed.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Some features of OSDN will be temporary unavailable on 18th June due to storage system maintenance.
Affected services:All project web hosting (includes vhost)
Project fi (显示更多...)


2019-05-31 18:19 (by sado)

For both File Release and File Storage features, now you can use URLs that always direct to the latest release (or file). These URLs get redirected to the latest release (file) within the whole project or a certain package/release, so it will (显示更多...)

2019-05-31 14:50 (by sado)

Your project's top page used to show a page called "Developer Dashboard" and not the "Project Summary" page which is to be viewed by general users. Now we have a new feature that allows you to choose either of the two.
On (显示更多...)


2019-04-11 21:40 (by sado)

Due to the equipment maintenance of the higher-level internet provider, there will be a few unavailable features, or speed delay may occur during the period below.
GMT: April 22, from 15:00 p.m. to 22:00 p.m.
EST(US): April 22, from 1 (显示更多...)


2019-04-17 15:23 (by sugi)

From 2019-04-11 4pm JST to 12pm 17th, project file release uploading via FTP was failed with "Permission denied" error.
This problem has been solved. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


2019-01-17 15:36 (by sado)

We proudly announce the new mirror site that were set up in the Nairobi (Kenya), for OSDN's file release system.
All the files that were released through the use of file release system of OSDN's projects and chambers are mirrored by mirror se (显示更多...)
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