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FCF - Javascript framework with a unique and flexible architecture It is based on unique technologies that open up new opportunities in development approaches with NODEJS. This framework has been developed for quite a long period of time, as an experimental one and does not yet contain all the planned things, but at the moment it is already able to implement practical tasks.

The framework provides unique functionality for development:

Built-in multiprocessing.

Native architecture of dynamic WEB templates, which provides the ability to work with template arguments both on the server side and on the client side.

The project includes a built-in CRON system that allows you to write handlers in pure JavaScript.

advanced query language for the FSQL database, which provides access control, centralized pre-and post-processing of queries, and also performs inheritance or merging of several tables into one entity.

The project architecture allows you to build completely single page applications.

There is a built-in administration panel and authentication system, the mechanism of accessing the database through the built-in FSQL language allows you to automatically create editing forms.

The project also includes many unique approaches for building a WEB application.




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发布: 2022-08-02 04:24
FCF Framework 1.1.55 (2 files 隐藏)


Added configuration options fcfserver options defaultOptions & defaultNodeOptions

Added fcfJodit module that provides @controls:jodit control

Added fcfBackup module that backs up databases and files

Added a static template option that blocks updating the DOM of the template tree.

Extended function, added a_unsafeFirstChar argument

Extended fcf.NClient.Wrapper.updateStatic() function, added a_updateStatic argument

Added a_options argument to attach method

Added safe mode for fcf.application.getTheme() method

Added node_modules route for file access

Added limit to the maximum size of the dialog width.

Updated fcf.buildView() logic.

Added defaultArgs configuration parameter that sets the default template arguments.


Fix script tag execution in template body

textarea fix

Correction of markup calculation in fcf.getRect()

Fixed re-loading of files in the fcf.include() function;

Fix for simplified compression of JS files. Added analysis of regular burnouts.

Minor fixes to template styles.


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