Translating ffdshow

ffdshow implements so called translator's mode to aid localizing of strings found it its configuration dialogs.

=====Language files=====

Localized strings are stored in languages subdirectory of ffdshow instalation directory. Each file name consists of three parts separated by comma:


Where langid is the number of language and langcode is two char code. langid isn't required but if present and the installer is also transated to given language, ffdshow will be able to use language set during installation as the default.

If you want to add new language file, use any text editor (for example notepad) to create it. The file must be UTF-16 with BOM, little endian. On the first line write full name of the language. It will be displayed in the language selection box in the dialog. The save the file, close notepad, open any of ffdshow configuration dialogs, select the language, close the dialog and proceed to the next section.

=====Translator's mode=====

To enter translator's mode you have to enable it via registry at:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\GNU\ffdshow HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\GNU\ffdshow_audio HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\GNU\ffdshow_enc

Add "translateMode" DWORD value and set it to 1. Now you can right-click on almost any control and you'll be prompted to translate its caption. To return to normal mode, set "translateMode" DWORD value to 0.

Here are few hints about how to use the feature:

- When more strings are associated with one control (for example checkboxes on Blur page containing strings like "luma", "chroma") a popup menu will appear to select what you'd want to translate. When selecting "Associated strings" a dialog containing list view with pairs of original (in italic font) and translated (normal font) will be shown. You can edit strings as usually in listviews: either by clicking the string once or by selecting it and pressing F2. - Comboboxes and listviews can be translated too after right-clicking them, using previously mentioned dialog. - Some strings, like file open/save dialog captions are associated with configurations pages themselves. Just right-click anywhere on the configuration page where it is not covered by any other controls. - In translator's mode all controls are enabled and all group boxes with captions are turned to push buttons. This is because group boxes don't process messages and I couldn't find a way how to detect right-click. - Not all strings are available always for the translation. For example fileopen dialog caption isn't available until it will be actually shown. This way you'd have to open all dialogs, menus and browse whole listviews to get all the strings available. - Treeview tooltips can't be translated yet.

=====Font===== Font section of the language file. You can specify following values. Use text editor to add these values.

  • typefaceNT=fontname
  • pointsizeNT=# : font size
  • horizontalScaleNT=# : If the dialog is too small to translate, you can scale the dialog horizontally.

=====Translating items in tray icon menu=====

Those items can't be translated in translator's mode. You need to manually edit the translation file.

=====Translating the installer=====

From the SVN source code, you will need to edit the following:


=====Distributing the changes=====

Please pack modified files in a zip to avoid garbling and send it to the Patch tracker at SourceForge.