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Alma is a software workshop for modeling and analyzing. It reads several sources (languages, models, etc.), helps you design for object-oriented modeling (definition of classes, relations, patterns, etc.), modifies the structure and the code, and outputs new sources, documentation, diagrams, etc. It is designed for object-oriented modeling (definition of classes and relations) and for migrating code in older languages. It meets two needs, offering a simplified software modeling workshop for small projects and making it easier to do rewrites, ports, and encapsulation of non-OO code.


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2004-03-01 21:40

标签: Minor feature enhancements
This release contains a lot of minor changes, bugfixes, and improvements.

2003-05-05 10:55

标签: Major bugfixes
This release fixes a few bugs in the parser, updates some libraries, and improves the diagram editor.

2002-07-29 22:33

标签: Major feature enhancements
This release adds the new generator, ReverseJNI, which builds a Java wrapper for native libs. It also improves the diagram editor using Graphics2D when available and the Java and XSD parsers.

2002-04-08 14:24

标签: Major feature enhancements
In this version, the major new feature is multiple outputs, so you can produce more than one file. Another feature is an ant task to run alma (so that alma can be controlled from build.xml). Many things have been improved.

2001-12-12 21:51

此版本提供了Ruby和JRuby的支持对新的目标。在C / C + +分析器有所改善,Lisp的目标已CLOS中,标准,程序和合同的支持更好。还有更多的变化,包括新的错误。
标签: Major feature enhancements
This release provides a new target for Ruby and support for JRuby. The C/C++ parser has been improved, the Lisp target is now CLOS-compliant, and the support for programming by contract is better. There are many more changes, including new bugs.

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