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The program arbtt, the automatic rule-based time tracker, allows you to investigate how you spend your time, without having to manually specify what you are doing. arbtt records which windows are open and active, and provides you with a powerful rule-based language to afterwards categorize your work.


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2013-01-20 08:31

此版本功能改进性能、 康 7.6 的兼容性和一个进度栏。
This release features performance improvements, GHC 7.6 compatibility, and a progress bar.

2011-06-15 23:16

This version builds against parsec version 3. Some performance improvements were made.

2010-06-03 23:16

该arbtt捕获命令现在支持 - 日志文件选项。一份新的报告,被称为“间隔”,可以使用arbtt -统计 - 一班。本 - 排除和 - 包括arbtt,统计参数匹配类别以及标记。在标记名称的数字是不再错误用下划线代替。新 - 输出排斥和 - 输出包括paramters被添加到arbtt - stats的。
The arbtt-capture command now supports the --logfile option. A new report, called “intervals”, is available using arbtt-stats --intervals. The --exclude and --include parameters of arbtt-stats can match categories as well as tags. Numbers in tag names are no longer incorrectly replaced with underscores. The new --output-exclude and --output-include paramters were added to arbtt-stats.

2010-04-01 01:11

这个版本的特点是新的命令,arbtt进口,其中进口由arbtt转储输出。该命令arbtt,统计现在支持 - logfile和 - categorizefile以及。该命令arbtt,统计现在支持以CSV(逗号分隔值)和TSV(制表符分隔值)报告中,除了文本输出格式。 Unicode是正确处理正则表达式。为categorize.cfg日期处理功能得到改善。
This release features a new command, arbtt-import, which imports the output from arbtt-dump. The command arbtt-stats now supports the --logfile and --categorizefile as well. The command arbtt-stats now supports the CSV (comma-separated values) and TSV (TAB-separated values) report output formats in addition to text. Unicode is handled correctly in regular expressions. Date-handling functions for categorize.cfg were improved.

2009-12-05 07:21


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