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Asciidia generates bitmap or vector files from simple ASCII diagrams. It was inspired by ditaa but has a plugin based architecture, which allows it to draw specialized diagrams. Currently-supported diagram types are simple ASCII diagrams and directory trees. Asciidia can directly output SVG and MVG. For additional file formats, an ImageMagick installation is required.


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2011-07-19 21:56

An installation script was added, which allows you to package up asciidia to a single-file executable and install it. It makes it easy to transfer asciidia between multiple machines, too.

2011-07-19 00:04

这个版本是一个完全重写一个插件架构上基于更强大和更容易,以提高在未来。 Asciidia现在支持通过提供一种EBNF和identicons简单的ASCII图(虽然目前没有许多功能如ditaa),目录树图,语法图。
This version is a complete rewrite based on a plugin architecture to make it more robust and easier to enhance in the future. Asciidia now supports simple ASCII diagrams (though currently not with as many features as ditaa), diagrams of directory trees, syntax-diagrams by providing an EBNF, and identicons.

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