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Asteroids3D is an OpenGL-based first-person game of blowing up asteroids. Its simple code base also provides a way to learn OpenGL with the help of external tutorials like those from NeHe.


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2008-04-06 23:11

标签: Code cleanup
The build infrastructure has been moved to autoconf.

2006-04-30 21:18

此版本修正汇编时,DDATADIR或增强LDFLAGS线使用。扩展的调试和球形网格/ tetrahedronal包围盒的小行星已被添加。认为深度有所增加。
标签: Minor bugfixes
This release fixes compilation when -DDATADIR or the enhanced LDFLAGS line are used. An extended debugging grid and spherical/tetrahedronal bounding boxes for asteroids have been added. The view depth has been increased.

2005-11-18 22:57

标签: Major feature enhancements
The texture loader has been rewritten. Starting a game should be fast now, especially on low-end (500MHz and less) machines. Eye-candy has been enabled or added. GL flicker, irregular lightning, leading sight, and uninitialized variables were corrected.

2001-01-30 15:12

Updates to the targeting graphics; the graphics more accurately reflect the future position of the targeted asteroid and provide information about closure rate.

2001-01-30 15:12

在一个小行星被删除如何从链表这会导致一个- geometry选项,这将使窗口的宽度,高度崩溃,更换,几何,和职务设置,新的命令行选项- freshrc和错误修复- rcfile,钥匙toggleable方案已重新映射到一贯地在键盘上方,键盘旋转控制现在更加顺利和行为方式的比例,到README文件,新的鱼雷等离子的效果,新的鱼雷和盾牌的声音更新,和新的目录(工具和的contrib)。
A fix for a bug in how asteroids were deleted from the linked list which causes a crash, replacement of -geom by a -geometry option which will allow the window width, height, and position to be set, new command line options -freshrc and -rcfile, toggleable options keys that have been remapped to be consistently at the top of the keyboard, keyboard rotation controls are now more smooth and behave in a proportional manner, updates to the README file, new torpedo plasma effect, new torpedo and shield sounds, and new directories (tools and contrib).

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