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Advanced Web Statistics (AWStats) is a free powerful Web server logfile analyzer (Perl script) that shows you all your Web statistics including visits, unique visitors, pages, hits, rush hours, search engines, keywords used to find your site, robots, broken links, and more. It works with both IIS 5.0+ and Apache Web server log files as a CGI and/or from the command line. It also supports around 40 languages.


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该- excludeconf选项添加到。插件现在能够加入他们自己的方式来编译在更新过程中的数据图表。在geoip_region_maxmind和geoip_city_maxmind插件增加了。 2.1现在支持后缀。与Web浏览器中禁用JavaScript,现在计算(新MiscTracker功能)。您可以使用特定的日志文件未使用的字段建立与ExtraSection功能个性化的报告。在“把”法是在分析的FTP日志文件。
标签: Stable, Minor feature enhancements
The -excludeconf option was added to Plugins are now allowed to add charts with their own way to compile data within the update process. The geoip_region_maxmind and geoip_city_maxmind plugins were added. now supports Postfix 2.1. Web browsers with JavaScript disabled are now counted (A new MiscTracker feature). You can use a particular unused field in your log file to build a personalized report with the ExtraSection feature. The "PUT" method is supported when analyzing FTP log files.

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