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b2evolution, is a multi-lingual, multi-user, multi-blog engine. It was developed to provide a free, feature rich, extensible, and easy-to-install solution for efficient Web publishing of information ranging from professional news feeds to personal weblogs. b2evo can easily be installed on almost any LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) host in a matter of minutes.


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2005-06-05 17:25 Back to release list

安全修补程序和小错误修正了。许多地方和翻译被更新或补充。翻译现已下列区域设置:cs_CZ,da_DK,de_DE,es_MX,es_VE,fi_FI,fr_FR,gl_ES,hu_HU,it_IT,ja_JP,lt_LT,nb_NO,nl_NL,pt_BR,pt_PT, sk_SK,sv_SE,th_TH,tr_TR,tr_TR_utf - 8,zh_CN,zh_CN_utf - 8和zh_TW。一种新的皮肤,被称为“天然粉红色”,增加了。
标签: Minor security fixes
Security fixes and minor bugfixes were made. Many
locales and translations were updated or added.
Translations are now available for the following
locales: cs_CZ, da_DK, de_DE, es_MX, es_VE, fi_FI,
fr_FR, gl_ES, hu_HU, it_IT, ja_JP, lt_LT, nb_NO,
nl_NL, pt_BR, pt_PT, sk_SK, sv_SE, th_TH, tr_TR,
tr_TR_utf-8, zh_CN, zh_CN_utf-8, and zh_TW. A new
skin, called "natural pink", was added.

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