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Since v2.04, bash has allowed you to intelligently program and extend its
standard completion behavior to achieve complex command lines with just a few
keystrokes. Imagine typing ssh [Tab] and being able to complete on hosts from
your ~/.ssh/known_hosts files. Or typing man 3 str [Tab] and getting a list of
all string handling functions in the UNIX manual. mount system: [Tab] would
complete on all exported file-systems from the host called system, while make
[Tab] would complete on all targets in Makefile. This project was conceived to
produce programmable completion routines for the most common Linux/UNIX
commands, reducing the amount of typing sysadmins and programmers need to do on
a daily basis.


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2009-10-14 06:07

Bugfixes and feature enhancements.

2006-03-01 19:42

许多新落成的职能增加了,许多现有的已得到改进或优化。此外,无数的错误已经被修复,包括重要的bash 3.1兼容性问题。这个版本被认为是bash 3.1标准。
标签: Stable, Minor feature enhancements
Many new completion functions have been added, and many existing ones have been improved or optimised. In addition, innumerable bugs have been fixed, including important bash 3.1 compatibility issues. This release is believed to be bash 3.1 compliant.

2005-07-22 00:00

在_filedir水珠扩大禁用()本身被禁用,因为这引发了在bash错误,其中有暂时禁用烦人的别名扩大影响。三菱商事已经完成,大大延长。完成一个lilo的错误已得到修复。改进已作出iwconfig的完成。 tcpdump的和dhclient完成已经确定使用正确的接口功能。 MPlayer的选择现在应该使用破折号,没有底线。
标签: Stable, Minor feature enhancements
The disabling of glob expansion in _filedir() has itself been disabled, as this triggered a bug in bash, which had the annoying effect of temporarily disabling alias expansion. mc completion has been greatly extended. A bug in lilo completion has been fixed. Improvements have been made to iwconfig completion. tcpdump and dhclient completion have been fixed to use the correct interfaces function. MPlayer options should now use dashes, not underscores.

2005-07-20 10:05

压缩包匹配的是固定的模式。表示出落成。pdf文件的补充。更多OpenOffice 2软件落成增加了。完成后xine的前端和kplayer / MPlayer的加入。
标签: Stable, Minor feature enhancements
The patterns for tarball matching were fixed.
Evince completion for .pdf files was added. More
OpenOffice 2 completions were added. Completion
for xine front-ends and kplayer/MPlayer was added.

2005-07-12 20:15

新落成已添加了对rpm2cpio,ntpdate,getent,身份证,和cpio。傻子现在也完成工程muttng。阿错误已修复的_filedir()函数,这样文字的文件名似乎水珠模式并未如此处理,。 SCP的完成是固定的情况下文件名中包含shell元字符。残破的须藤完成是固定的。 MPlayer的增加了更多的扩展。新的OpenOffice 2.0开放文档格式现在支持。许多其他小修正和改进了。
标签: Stable, Minor feature enhancements
New completion has been added for rpm2cpio, ntpdate, getent, id, and cpio. Mutt completion now also works for muttng. A bug was fixed in the _filedir() function, so that literal filenames that appear to be glob patterns are not treated as such. scp completion was fixed for the case where a filename contains shell metacharacters. Broken sudo completion was fixed. More extensions for MPlayer were added. The new open document formats of OpenOffice 2.0 are now supported. Many other minor fixes and enhancements were made.

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