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centericq is a text mode menu- and window-driven IM interface that supports the ICQ2000, Yahoo!, AIM, IRC, MSN, Gadu-Gadu, and Jabber protocols. It allows you to send, receive, and forward messages, URLs, SMSes (both through the ICQ server and email gateways supported by Mirabilis), contacts, and email express messages, and it has many other useful features. An internal RSS reader and a LiveJournal client are also provided.


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2005-09-02 18:50

目的再次改变了协议,因此所有的目录客户不是工作。此版本修正了无法连接到目的网络。一些Jabber的错误是固定的。 PGP的工作做得更好,它也可以连接到谷歌对话。聊天窗口循环和接触着色根据协议增加了。
标签: Major bugfixes
AIM changed its protocol again, so all TOC clients did not work. This release fixes the inability to connect to the AIM network. Some Jabber bugs were fixed. PGP works better, and it's also possible to connect to Google Talk. Chat window cycling and coloring of contacts according to the protocol were added.

2005-02-03 06:02

PGP加密支持实施的Jabber的模块。 RTF格式解析器处理从Windows ICQ的客户端使用的是固定的信息。阿与雅虎采伐问题!在Sun Sparc机器是固定的,这也可能与Gadu解决问题的大端架构Gadu。其他一些小bug了。
标签: Major feature enhancements
PGP encryption support was implemented for the Jabber module. The RTF parser used for processing messages from Windows ICQ clients was fixed. A problem with logging on to Yahoo! on Sun Sparc machines was fixed, which may also resolve an issue with Gadu-Gadu on big-endian architectures. Several other small bugfixes were made.

2005-01-19 04:34

此版本修正了当'ü'这封信是由吃的RTF解析器从Windows聊天时,客户端处理消息。内存泄漏问题,在检查的RSS是固定的。在Gadu - Gadu模块不再生产1段错误时,它无法获得从服务器注册标记。一个小补丁,使之适用于现在可以开始设置为脱机所有协议centericq。另一种类型的外部事件增加了。现在,用户可以执行的行动,当有人脱机。
标签: Minor feature enhancements
This release fixes a problem where the 'u' letter was eaten
by the RTF parser when processing messages from Windows
ICQ clients. A memory leak problem when checking RSS
was fixed. The Gadu-Gadu module no longer produces a
segfault when it was unable to obtain a registration token
from the server. A small patch was applied so that it's now
possible to start centericq with all protocols set to offline.
Another type of external event was added. Users can now
execute actions when someone goes offline.

2004-12-20 05:57

现在客户端建立与海合会3.4。阿新- debug命令行参数加入,使不必要的重新构建程序启用调试输出。体育馆的帐户现在可以包括两个密码:一个Nickserv和经常体育馆其它认证之一。在线和自由的聊天模式,现在在联系人列表相同的优先级排序。以RTF Unicode字符编码的ICQ的信息不再丢失。阿段错误发生在接受雅虎!文件传输是固定的。对于网上用户,对这些人接触,网上现在显示的时间。
标签: Minor feature enhancements
The client now builds with GCC 3.4. A new --debug command line parameter was added, making it unnecessary to re-build the program to enable debug output. IRC accounts can now include two passwords: one for Nickserv and the other one for regular IRC authentication. Online and free-for-chat modes now have the same priority in contact list sorting. Unicode characters in RTF-encoded ICQ messages are no longer lost. A segfault that occurred when accepting Yahoo! file transfers was fixed. For online users, the time for which those contacts have been online is now shown.

2004-09-28 15:37

MSN的集团管理方面的问题是固定的。消息来源不再编译失败当SSL库的建设过程中没有发现。 Jabber服务器的邮件不再来自一个缺口,它类似于服务器的名称以“@”在结束的迹象。在-无xtitles(- T)的条命令行参数是,禁用改变窗口标题在xterm和屏幕。洛伊一个错误,洛伊在其中取得了联系乱码如果整个的朋友名单增长大于512,是固定的。现在的配置脚本检查是否libcurl已启用SSL支持,以避免质谱故障。
标签: Minor feature enhancements
The MSN group management problem was fixed. The
source no longer fails to compile when the SSL
library is not found during the build. Jabber
server messages no longer come from a nick that is
similar to the server name with an "@" sign at the
end. The --no-xtitles (-T) commmand line parameter
was added, which disables changing window titles
in xterm and screen. An LJ bug, in which the LJ
contact got garbled if the whole friends name list
grew larger than 512, was fixed. The configure
script now checks if libcurl has SSL support
enabled in order to avoid MSN malfunction.

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