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Check_MK is a complex addon for Nagios/Icinga and consists of three subprojects. The check and inventory system Check_MK is a general purpose Nagios plugin for retrieving data. It adopts a new approach for collecting data and obsoletes NRPE, check_by_ssh, NSClient, and check_snmp. It features a significant reduction of CPU use on the Nagios host and automatic inventory of items to be checked, and is especially useful with larger Nagios installations. "MK Livestatus" gives immediate and fast access to live and historic Nagios status data. It's a supported backend for many addons including NagVis, NagiosBP, and Thruk. "Check_MK Multisite" is a feature complete replacement for the Nagios GUI, and uses MK Livestatus as a backend. It is very fast, and supports efficient distributed monitoring.


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2013-02-17 11:16

This is a bugfix release.

2013-02-12 11:23

此版本添加了很多错误修正和几个新的功能。它开始 1.2.2,争取在 beta 阶段。
This release adds many bugfixes and a couple of new features.

It commences the beta phase aiming towards 1.2.2.

2013-01-19 10:10

这是 Check_MK 1.2.1 创新的下一版本。在多站点、 和东和 Check_MK 的核心,它包括很多错误修正。它附带一些小的改进中的灵活的通知功能、 视图和东中的复选框。
标签: Bug fixes, Feature Enhancement, Stability
This is the next innovation release of Check_MK 1.2.1.

It includes a lot of bugfixes in multisite,
wato, and the core of Check_MK.

It comes with some small improvements in the flexible notification feature,
the checkboxes in views,
and WATO.

2013-01-10 23:08

此发行版附带数量庞大的错误修正和还在几乎所有的组件的一些功能变化。最大的新特点是它是现在可能要连接的 Web 界面与现有的 LDAP 身份验证系统。几个可用性和小功能改进了几个组件和东和事件控制台等。
标签: Bug fixes, Feature Enhancement, Stability
This release comes with a huge number of bugfixes and also some feature changes in nearly all components. The biggest new feature is that it is now possible to connect the Web interface with an existing LDAP authentication system. Several usability and small feature improvements were made to several components like WATO and the Event Console.

2012-03-10 01:46

这是即将发布的稳定版本 1.2.0 的第一个 beta 版本。
标签: Bugfixes
This is the first beta release of the upcoming
stable version 1.2.0.

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