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Clement is an email server application. Its main function is to block unwanted mail (spam) as soon as possible in the email exchange process. It accepts or rejects email while the SMTP session, initiated by the email sender, is still pending, accepting legitimate email messages without the need to return an error status to non-existent or "borrowed" return address later. Clement can operate in two modes, either as a standard MTA (as sendmail, Postfix, Exim, Exchange, etc.) to store email in the recipient's own area, or to transmit the mail to an another SMTP server acting as smart spam filtering device. Each email domain name Clement knows about can be treated in one of these two modes depending on the group to which the domain name has been set. Each message is verified by a virus scanner (ClamAV) while the SMTP connection is still open, but the refusal of mail and the reason for refusal is notified to the actual sender. Mail management is done via a Web interface and can be delegated to three administrative levels (Root-Admin, Group-Admin, Domain-Admin). Standard users can access their own logs (sent email status, email rejected, quarantined email, etc.). With this interface, the user can handle the rejection and acceptance of mail. Users who are level "Admin" can access the session logs (via the Web interface). Clement uses a SQL database (PostgreSQL, MySQL) to store and manage logs, user profiles, and dynamic management of directives concerning the sender-receiver relationship.


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2012-12-10 11:37

此生产版本修复了 SMTP 通道 (现在工作与 LG 智能手机类型) 上的身份验证 (身份验证平原) 内的一个小 bug。
This production release fixes a small bug within Authentication (AUTH PLAIN) on the SMTP channel (working now with an LG smartphone type).

2012-01-10 07:12

现在链接到 groupid 中继的 IP 掩码。对主要的配置接口的泡沫帮助。更新后的克莱门特常见问题。当远程服务器发送一个请求与语法错误时种更好的日志。支持脚本错误修正。Clamav 0.97-3 与工作。回购协议是可供克莱门特 el6.2.rpm。
标签:,, group management, on line help
Relayed IP/mask are now linked to a groupid. Bubble help to major configuration interfaces. An updated Clement FAQ. Better journalling when a remote server is sending a request with a syntax error. Support script bugfixes. Works with clamav 0.97-3. A repo is available for clement-el6.2.rpm.

2011-12-12 06:24

这是一个生产版本。它具有较好的处理内部转发器接触不成功完成时 (即: 连接建立,但没有点登录)。它修复内部转发器未响应有关以前找到的电子邮件别名双复选的案例 (克莱门特做在此配置中意外的核心转储)。它为电子邮件退回,而不是 'Mailer_daemon' 使用 '香港邮政署长'。
标签: Core dump aliases postmaster
This is a production release. It has better handling when a contact with an internal forwarder is not successfully completed (i.e.: connection established, but no signon). It fixes the case where the internal forwarder did not respond to a double check about an email alias found previously (Clement was doing a core dump in this unexpected configuration). It uses 'postmaster' instead of 'Mailer_daemon' for email bounces.

2011-12-10 08:55

此版本修复了 MySQL 语言语法错误,而不是回滚 ROOLBACK。此错误会触发警报的 /var/log/messages,有时会使数据库不一致。更新是必要的如果您正在运行一个 MySQL 数据库与克莱门特。此版本还修复依从有关意外状态消息较不易要报告一个错误。
标签: MySQL
This release fixes a MySQL language syntax error, ROOLBACK instead of ROLLBACK. This error triggers an alarm in /var/log/messages and makes the database inconsistent sometimes. Updating is necessary if you are running clement with a MySQL database. This release also fixes a comstat message about unexpected statuses to be less prone to report an error.

2011-11-26 11:50

此版本包括一个修复错误在第一次安装过程。安装过程现在检测服务器配置为正确如果服务器名称无法解析为 (至少) 一个 IPV4 IP 号码。
标签: install name resolution
This release include one bugfix at the first install procedure. The install procedure now detects the server as improperly configured if the server name can't be resolved to (at least) one IPV4 IP number.

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