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Confluence is a functional programming language for reactive system design, including FPGAs, ASICs, and hard-real-time software. Confluence system descriptions have a large information to linecount ratio. It is typically two to five times more compact than Verilog. Confluence can compile a single body of source code into to Verilog, VHDL, C, and NuSMV.


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2005-02-18 05:43

标签: Major feature enhancements
This release includes the initial FNF C model generator that
enables a compilation path from Confluence to C. New
features include a new simulator data structure, which
running multiple simulation models at once, and provides
access to all hierarchical named signals in a design.
This release also includes the Icarus Verilog FNF
generator, providing a path from Verilog to C, VHDL, NuSMV,
and JHDL.

2005-02-02 05:41

标签: Major feature enhancements
Adds a new code generator that allows it to compile into JHDL, a Java-based hardware description language.

2005-01-09 10:57

标签: Major feature enhancements
In this release, the compiler backend was integrated with
FNF, forming a clean partition between language evaluation
and model generation.

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