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CruxPorts4Slack adapts the "ports" and "pkgmk" commands to allow the use
of ports repositories for Crux with Slackware. The httpup program, which
is necessary to use ports, is included in the package.


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2012-07-30 08:24

Pkgmk 命令现在可以将拱 Linux PKGBUILD 文件转换为症结 Pkgfile 文件中。Rsync 驱动程序添加和删除 httpup 驱动程序。
标签: Stable
The pkgmk command can now convert Arch Linux PKGBUILD files to Crux Pkgfile files. The rsync driver was added and the httpup driver removed.

2006-11-13 19:36

标签: Minor feature enhancements
The ability to use alternative Pkgfiles was added. The httpup
files for the contrib and opt repositories were updated.

2006-08-22 14:32

标签: Minor feature enhancements
pkginfo, a script to print information about
installed packages, was added.

2005-06-12 22:27

此版本创建安装/涣散,递减和推测,从CFLAGS的架构pkgname版本拱- release.tgz在/ etc / pkgmk.conf
标签: Minor feature enhancements
This release creates install/slack-desc and guesses the architecture in
pkgname-version-arch-release.tgz from CFLAGS in /etc/pkgmk.conf

2005-06-07 00:02

标签: Initial freshmeat announcement

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