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Linux device driver for CueCat barcode readers that supports multiple PS/2 CueCats on either the keyboard port, mouse port (without disabling the mouse) or USB port through a PS/2 -> USB adapter, or native USB CueCats. A standalone application that doesn't require the driver and also reads barcodes from a CueCat connected to a serial port through a homemade PS/2 -> serial converter is included as well. The driver separates CueCat barcode scancodes from normal keyboard or mouse scancodes, decode the barcodes, performs error-checking on them and send them in clear text through a normal character device file. NOTE : the company that created the CueCat has disappeared. CueCat readers are no longer produced or distributed.


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2003-06-30 05:35

这个版本有一个对Linux 2.4.21补丁。
标签: Minor feature enhancements
This release has a patch against Linux 2.4.21.

2003-05-29 23:05

标签: Initial freshmeat announcement
This driver is supported again after having been orphaned for over a year and a half. A patch against Linux kernel 2.4.20 has been created.

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