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eForum is server side software that enables geographically distant participants to share ideas and enhance teamwork via the Web. It allows project moderators to manage feedback and project discussions, and can display interactive Q&A tools.


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2005-06-20 08:18

标签: Minor feature enhancements
Internationalization and Italian language support
were started. Deprecated calls were changed. This
release supports Expresso 5.5.

2003-08-28 08:55

标签: Minor feature enhancements
This release focused on bringing the eForum code
base up to date with that of Expresso 5.3. There
were also speed enhancements, updates to the
online help, and bugfixes. The document and
management pages now reflect Expresso's new look
and feel. Problems with populatinig default
values on multiple databases were fixed, and the
link to setup values were fixed. No database
changes are necessary for this update.

2003-07-02 15:08

这个版本的重点是未成年人的特性和小错误修正。兼容性,包括删除过时JSP的职能,包括快报5.1兼容性修补。斯普利特管理屏幕,现在分开了“行动”和“数据”提供给经理。错误修正结果在Tomcat 1.4.24的兼容性;的方式,包括在网上论坛的JSP页面发生不同意与Tomcat 4.1.24。 Log4j的代码已更新。
标签: Minor feature enhancements
This release focuses on minor features and minor bugfixes.
Compatibility features include removing deprecated JSP functions to
include Expresso 5.1 compatibility fixes. Split Management Screens
are now split between the "actions" and "data" available to the
manager. Bugfixes result in Tomcat 1.4.24 compatibility; the way
includes were occurring in the eForum JSP pages didn't agree with
Tomcat 4.1.24. The Log4J code has been updated.

2003-06-05 12:23

This release includes major new functionality, many
performance improvements, and some bugfixes. New
features include a search facility to search forums for
specific text/integration with Lucene, an advanced
search screen to search the forum messages and filter
by date, forum group, and login user id, and a complete
rebuild of text indices. New internationalization
features are also included and there was a complete UI

2003-06-05 12:18

This release includes a new pluggable stylesheets
feature, a new build.xml file, as well as a new separate
module location. Performance improvements have been
made including vastly improved performance on mail
sending. In addition, a number of bugs are corrected,
and the project is updated to be compatible with
Expresso 5.0.

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