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Einarc is a unified storage RAID command line
interface and an API that provides management for
various hardware/software RAID devices, uniting
them all in a single paradigm. Einarc works as a
translator that makes it possible for a user to
control all these devices using simple terms like
"physical disc", "logical disc", "adapter", etc.,
while transparently converting these requests to
proprietary RAID paradigms.


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2009-07-02 00:16

标签: RC
Support was added for post-build reconfiguration of proprietary CLIs and supporting modules. This allows Einarc to be supplied via usual binary packaging methods (rpm/deb): proprietary CLIs can be installed after binary package installation using the special setup tool "einarc-install". Experimental support for hardware RAID autodetection was implemented for both build-time (configure) and run-time (einarc-install). Many stability problems and bugs were fixed, especially in the md (software RAID) support module.

2008-12-14 23:53

支持3ware公司/ AMCC的控制器增加了。Linux的软件RAID得到完全的读/写支持。在Einarc引用的所有专利事业进行了检查,并为他们的网址和版本号纠正。多包装正则表达式是固定的,以支持主导倡议的新版本。新的计算领域又增加了adapter_info:PCI产品/ subproduct和供应商/ subvendor的ID。为基带在Adaptec的适配器支持得到加强。多重稳定和建立修复了。
标签: Major feature enhancements
Support for 3ware / AMCC controllers was added.
Linux software RAIDs got full read/write support.
All proprietary utilities referenced in Einarc
were checked and corrected for their URLs and
version numbers. Multiple wrapper regular
expressions were fixed to support new versions of
CLIs. New calculated fields were added in
adapter_info: PCI product/subproduct and
vendor/subvendor IDs. Support for BBU in Adaptec
adapters was enhanced. Multiple stability and
build fixes were made.

2008-06-10 02:51

较新的Adaptec适配器支持系统(ASR 3405,3805和5xxx)使用arcconf加入。新对象“基带”和“固件在Einarc对象的空间”已经实施:有可能获得有关信息的基带和闪光/提取固件。在“适配器信息”报告遵循了严格的键名,所有适配器的统一。现有的模块已更新了CLI的版本。影响稳定和元数据的多是固定的错误在所有模块。
标签: Major feature enhancements
Support for newer Adaptec adapters (ASR 3405, 3805, and 5xxx) using arcconf was added. The new objects "bbu" and "firmware" in the Einarc object space have been introduced: it's possible to get information about BBU and flash/extract firmware. The "adapter info" report follows strict key names, unified for all adapters. Existing modules have updated their CLI versions. Multiple bugs affecting stability and metadata were fixed in all modules.

2007-11-21 08:38

标签: Major feature enhancements
This major feature update adds a brand-new
configure and build mechanism: now everything can
be controlled from command-line parameters,
individual modules can be enabled or disabled at
build time, and license agreement is asked
interactively. Also, this release features
ASCIIDOC documentation, bugfixes in lsi_megarc and
adaptec_aaccli modules, and compatibility with
older Ruby (< 1.8.6).

2007-10-03 19:57

标签: Initial freshmeat announcement

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