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Excel Writer is a package for easily writing Excel files with basic formatting. It allows for the automatic production of reports. It uses totally portable code that builds for every system without any specific piece of code. It does not interact with Excel.


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2013-01-29 21:38

在英特尔的 Cpu 上运行时的性能已得到显著的改善 — — 这是在编译时自动检测。
标签: Major
Performance has been significantly improved when running on Intel CPUs - this is auto-detected at compile-time.

2011-07-14 22:51

标签: Minor
Output functionality that mimics Ada.Text_IO has been extended.

2011-03-11 07:12

标签: Minor, Bugfixes
Cell merging on a row has been implemented, at least in a very light way. Some unexpected display of built-in numeric formats (percentages) on some versions of Excel with some language settings has been fixed.

2010-03-15 00:25

页面布局选项(纵向/横向,适应/规模,网格线等),补充。自定义数字格式和风格增加了。 Write_column_width是固定的。
标签: Major
Page layout options (portrait/landscape, fit/scale, gridlines, etc.) were added. Custom number formats and styles were added. Write_column_width was fixed.

2010-02-28 20:15

标签: Minor
It is now easier to switch between Text_IO and Excel_Out.

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