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Exim is a message transfer agent (MTA) developed at the University of Cambridge for use on Unix systems connected to the Internet. In style it is similar to Smail 3, but its facilities are much more extensive. Exim is in use at many sites around the world.


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2010-04-06 02:24

这是对空头DKIM的段错误bug的修补程序版本/团体(在4.70中引入)。 DNSDB查找现在默认启用。也有轻微的文件修复。
标签: Minor bugfixes
This is a bug-fix release for the DKIM segfault on empty headers/body (introduced in 4.70). DNSDB lookup is now enabled by default. There are also minor documentation fixes.

2009-11-15 22:56

此版本是一个组合的功能和修正错误的释放。主要的新功能是本机DKIM的支持,没有一个外部库,并通过实验dccifd戴纳信贷支持。 pcre的不再是与进出口银行发行包。实验雅虎! Domainkeys技术支持,放弃了在本土DKIM技术支持的青睐。各种小错误是固定的。
标签: Minor bugfixes, new features
This release is a combination feature and bugfix release. The major new features are native DKIM support without an external library and experimental DCC support via dccifd. PCRE is no longer included with the Exim distribution. Experimental Yahoo! Domainkeys support was dropped in favor of native DKIM support. Various minor bugs were fixed.

2009-06-30 06:58

此版本增加了初步DKIM技术支持。在-帮助处理已被更改。该- bylocaldomain选项已被添加到eximstats。此版本地防范来自gethostbyaddr返回错误的数据。有一个acl_not_smtp文件修复。有一个pcre的更新到7.4。
标签: Minor bugfixes, Minor Enhancements
This release adds preliminary DKIM support. The --help handling has been changed. The -bylocaldomain option has been added to eximstats. This release defends against bad data coming back from gethostbyaddr. There is a documentation fix for acl_not_smtp. There is a PCRE update to 7.4.

2007-08-30 16:38

标签: Exim4
A number of minor bugs have been fixed and a small
number of new features have been added.

2007-01-02 14:18

标签: Major bugfixes, Exim4
This release fixes one major and two lesser bugs
in the 4.64 release.

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