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FAM, the File Alteration Monitor, provides an API which applications can use to be notified when specific files or directories are changed. It comes in two parts: fam, the daemon which listens for requests and delivers notification, and libfam, a library which client applications can use to communicate with fam.


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2003-04-15 10:55

标签: Minor bugfixes
Minor build fixes were made for issues with GCC 3.x and IRIX.

2002-07-22 07:48

票价调整自动背景守护在Linux和FreeBSD 2.4本身。用户可以指定空闲超时和NFS在fam.conf轮询间隔。小型FreeBSD的建设也从FreeBSD的ports综合修复。
标签: Minor feature enhancements
The FAM daemon automatically backgrounds itself on Linux 2.4 and FreeBSD. Users are able to specify idle timeout and NFS polling interval in fam.conf. Minor FreeBSD build fixes were also integrated from FreeBSD ports.

2002-07-05 01:42

一些标准的头文件被#include'd帮助建立在FreeBSD。 IRIX的小组处理进行了改进。不受信任的用户的GID设置为NOGROUP如果getgrmember()给了票价调整无效或不一致的GID。 strerror返回null得到妥善处理。 libtool的初始化早些时候在配置过程中,以避免被以二进制。C对某些系统的扩展创建。的libstdc + +被添加到连接标志,使libfam始终作为一个C + +库建设。阿CLEANFILES使目标是增加和/ etc / mtab中(或同等学历)现在打开只读。
标签: Minor bugfixes
Some standard header files were #include'd to help build on FreeBSD. IRIX group handling was improved. An untrusted user's GID is set to NOGROUP if getgrmember() gave FAM an invalid or inconsistent GID. strerror returning null is handled properly. libtool is initialized earlier in the configure process to avoid binaries being created with a .C extension on some systems. libstdc++ was added to linker flags to make libfam always build as a C++ library. A CLEANFILES make target was added, and /etc/mtab (or equivalent) is now opened read-only.

2002-02-19 05:38

标签: Initial freshmeat announcement

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