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FLTK (pronounced "fulltick") is a cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit for UNIX/Linux (X11), Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS X. It provides modern GUI functionality without the bloat, and supports 3D graphics via OpenGL and its built-in GLUT emulation. FLTK is designed to be small and modular enough to be statically linked, and also works fine as a shared library. It also includes an excellent UI builder called FLUID that can be used to create applications in minutes.


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2011-07-10 23:24

此版本的FLTK 1系列是一个巨大的一步。在FLTK中的所有字符串现在处理UTF - 8格式,并支持全方位的Unicode字符集到处。国际输入法支持所有平台上。增加两个新的部件:Fl_Tree和Fl_Table。印现在是容易,只要到一个窗口的绘制和打印窗口FLTK图形用户界面支持,包括OpenGL。在内部,FLTK已经升级到当前的Unix,Windows 7中,通过可可和Mac OS X上运行。所有图形调用现在使用的设备抽象。
标签: stable major
This release is a huge step in the FLTK 1 series. All strings in FLTK are now handled in UTF-8 format and support the full range of Unicode character sets everywhere. International input methods are supported on all platforms. Two new widgets were added: Fl_Tree and Fl_Table. Printing is now as easy as drawing into a window, and window printing of FLTK GUIs is supported, including OpenGL. Internally, FLTK has been upgraded to run on current Unices, Windows 7, and Mac OS X via Cocoa. All graphics calls now use device abstraction.

2008-06-28 18:19

在Fl_Text_Display,一个在回调处理,为解决相对路径不正确的绝对路径时,有一个在fl_filename_relative斜杠回归块修复中学选择颜色对比度提高,为的文件和目录在Fl_File_Chooser多个选择修复,以及修复了微软视窗下在选择在Fl_Help_View umlauts崩溃。
标签: Minor bugfixes
Improved color contrast in secondary selection blocks of Fl_Text_Display, a fix for a regression in callback handling, a fix for incorrect relative paths when the absolute path has a trailing slash in fl_filename_relative, a fix for multiple selection of files and directories in Fl_File_Chooser, and a fix for a crash under MS Windows when selecting umlauts in Fl_Help_View.

2008-03-27 21:48

此版本修复了许多错误,并提高OS X和石英的兼容性和整体可靠性。它有一个新的GTK +风格的主题,更好的GLUT4的兼容性,和alpha混合的图像映射。这是树的1.1.x的发展最终版本。
标签: Major bugfixes
This release fixes many bugs, and improves OS X and Quartz compatibility and overall reliability. It has a new GTK+ style theme, better GLUT4 compatibility, and alpha blending for image maps. This is the final release of the 1.1.x development tree.

2006-01-18 07:09

标签: Minor bugfixes
This release fixes many bugs, adds some new example programs, and adds many new improvements to the FLUID software, including multi-level undo, syntax highlighting in all code fields, widget alignment and sizing guides, dialog templates, widget subclasses, and printing and testing of user interfaces within FLUID.

2004-12-13 10:15

这个版本增加了氟::delete_widget()方法来安全地删除的回调方法部件。它修复了一个问题,即Fl_Double_Window产生了流体与X11的大小错误没有显示菜单项使用图像正常,一个问题,即流体没有处理函数默认参数正确,并且一个问题,即可能出现的FLTK窗户外的X11屏幕。配置脚本现在支持-禁用- localfoo完全禁用图像文件的支持。在scandir()在有条件的代码是固定的HP - UX 11i的。有一些开放Watcom修复,以及图书馆的一些修补程序包括命令时,在MacOS X的建设数字存储示波器fl_xid()不再导致Win32应用程序崩溃。
标签: Major bugfixes
This version adds a Fl::delete_widget() method to safely
delete widgets in callback methods. It fixes a problem where
Fl_Double_Window produced an error on resize with X11
FLUID didn't display menu items using images
properly, an issue where FLUID didn't handle default function
parameters properly, and a problem where FLTK windows
could appear off-screen on X11. The configure script now
supports --disable-localfoo to completely disable image file
support. The scandir() conditional code was fixed for HP-UX
11i. There were some Open Watcom fixes, and some fixes
for the library include order when building DSOs on MacOS
X. fl_xid() no longer causes Win32 applications to crash.

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