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FreeIPMI provides in-band and out-of-band IPMI software based on the IPMI v1.5/2.0 specification. It has a number of useful features for large HPC or cluster environments.


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2013-01-11 06:27

此版本添加了支持超微 X9DRI-LN4F + OEM 传感器和事件。它还修复中 bmc 信息的输出角情况下,修复英特尔设置-电源-还原-延迟角案例中 ipmi-oem、 和修复 memleak 在 ipmiseld、 潜在的 fd 泄漏在 libfreeipmi、 libfreeipmi,错误输出角情况和发现的一种静态代码分析仪的几个其他较轻微的 bug。
This release adds support for Supermicro X9DRI-LN4F+ OEM sensors and events. It also fixes output corner cases in bmc-info, fixes an Intel set-power-restore-delay corner case in ipmi-oem, and fixes a memleak in ipmiseld, a potential fd leak in libfreeipmi, an error output corner case in libfreeipmi, and several other more minor bugs discovered by a static code analyzer.

2012-11-15 22:29

戴尔 Poweredge R720 支持已添加到许多工具和库,包括 ipmi oem、 ipmi-传感器和 ipmi 操作中的所有工具和库,已发现的超微主板坏固件添加一个新的"nochecksumcheck"解决方法。
Dell Poweredge R720 support has been added to many tools and libraries, including ipmi-oem, ipmi-sensors, and ipmi-sel. In all tools and libraries, a new "nochecksumcheck" workaround has been added for bad firmware found in Supermicro motherboards.

2012-10-03 07:33

在此版本的 FreeIPMI 添加指定一个溶胶有效载荷实例做串行局域网时的能力。它是可用--溶胶-有效载荷-实例选项在 ipmiconsole 和 libipmiconsole 中的新函数。若要停用所有 SOL 会话当前处于活动状态的能力,还支持。
This release of FreeIPMI adds the ability to specify a SOL payload instance when doing serial over LAN. It's available as the --sol-payload-instance option in ipmiconsole and new functions in libipmiconsole. The ability to deactivate all SOL sessions currently active is also supported.

2012-08-23 09:06

这是一个新的主要版本的 FreeIPMI 提供许多新功能。当中最大的变化是: 添加了新的 ipmiseld 守护进程来帮助登录 IPMI 系统事件日志和迁移到本地系统日志,oem 电源控制在 ipmipower 中的,指定目标渠道和奴隶中的所有工具,能够指定备用端口进行通信,地址的能力事件的桥梁 FRU 条目,支持 ipmi sel 中的原子操作的能力和在 ipmi oem 英特尔宽范围节点管理器的支持。
This is a new major release of FreeIPMI with many new features. Amongst the biggest changes are the addition of a new ipmiseld daemon to help log IPMI system event logs and migrate the events to the local syslog, oem power control in ipmipower, the ability to specify target channels and slave addresses in all tools, the ability to specify alternate ports for communication, the ability to bridge FRU entries, support for atomic operations in ipmi-sel, and a wide range of Intel Node Manager support in ipmi-oem.

2012-07-31 06:22

几个单位产出被固定在 ipmi 传感器和 ipmi 选择额外的边角情况下固定在 bmc 信息。
Several units outputs were fixed in ipmi-sensors and ipmi-sel. Additional corner cases were fixed in bmc-info.

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