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Frescobaldi is a LilyPond sheet music editor with built-in MIDI player and PDF preview. It aims to be powerful, yet lightweight and easy to use.


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2012-03-08 07:34

已添加了一个新的命令行号-> 视图。许多文件打开一个大的会话是快得多。在源程序中丢失的图标主题索引文件已得到修复。Python 代码段可以定义具有更多的权力比只设置的 '文本' 变量的 main () 函数。用户界面不再阻止再当 LilyPond 开始读取一些信息 (其中,尤其是在 Windows 中,可以当它是第一次的 LilyPond 运行很长时间),并内置手册现在还文档设置和会话对话框。
标签: Stable
A new command View->Line Numbers has been added. Opening a large session with many documents is much faster. Missing icon theme index files in the source tarball have been fixed. A Python snippet can define a main() function with more power than just setting the 'text' variable. The user interface no longer blocks anymore when LilyPond is started to read some information (which, especially on Windows, could take a long time when it is the first LilyPond run), and the built-in manual now also documents the settings and session dialogs.

2012-02-18 07:59

已添加的音乐视图传呼机。Home 键现在具有"智能"的行为。Shift + 返回不再进入行分隔符了,这可能导致不正确的点,单击位置。已添加了一个新的巴西翻译。各种 bug 已修复。
标签: Stable
A pager for the music view has been added. The Home key now has "smart" behaviour. Shift+Return no longer enters a line separator anymore, which could cause incorrect point and click locations. A new Brazilian translation has been added. Various bugs have been fixed.

2012-01-17 05:39

有了改善,一些 bug,尤其是在 Windows 中,已经被修复。
标签: Stable
Improvements have been made and some bugs, especially on Windows, have been fixed.

2012-01-10 06:47

一些 bug 被固定的主要是与相关的文件名中使用重音字母在 MS Windows 下的处理。已创建了一个完全的自包含 Windows 安装程序,以便安装 Python、 PyQt4 等事先已不再需要在 Windows 上。
标签: Stable
Some bugs were fixed, mostly related to the handling of filenames with accented letters under MS Windows. A fully self-contained Windows installer has been created, so that installing Python, PyQt4 etc. beforehand is no longer needed on Windows.

2011-12-26 23:11

卡 2.0 是应用程序的全部重写。它不依赖于 KDE4 库了,使它能够在 Python 和 PyQt4 所支持的所有平台上运行。主要的改进包括双向的指向和点击、 一个内置的 MIDI 播放器和代码段管理器,它现在也可以运行的模板和用户编写的脚本。
标签: Stable
Frescobaldi 2.0 is a full rewrite of the application. It does not depend on the KDE4 libraries anymore, enabling it to run on all platforms supported by Python and PyQt4. Major improvements include two-way point-and-click, a built-in MIDI player and a snippet manager, which can now also run templates and user-written scripts.

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