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FUDforum is a templatable forum with i18n support based on PHP and either MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, or SQLite. It features a user/group management system, a multi-lingual spell checker, both flat and thread message views, a private messaging system with multi-user forwarding capabilities, poll file attachments, and much more. It is an extremely fast and scalable forum that can fulfil the needs of both small and large forum operators.


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2011-09-10 17:07

标签: Stable, Bugfixes
This is a stabilization release that only includes minor tweaks and fixes. The latest localization updates from were also applied.

2011-09-03 13:35

个人E - mail和NNTP的职位,现在可以加载的命令行。在导入过程中,与NNTP的X -存档头Usenet信息将被忽略。图形验证码的图像显示了改进。主题最大长度增加为255个字符。 REL =“nofollow的”添加到选定的链接,以防止过度的非内容网页蜘蛛。位置更新应用。增加了一个新的谷歌的CDN插件。头像管理ACP提高。私人信息,没有找到一个“admaccapr.php”的错误,和其他几个PHP的警告和通知的重建是固定的。
标签: Development, Bugfixes, Minor feature enhancements
Individual E-mail and NNTP posts can now be loaded from the command line. Usenet messages with NNTP X-No-Archive headers will be ignored during import. The display of graphical captcha images was improved. The maximum subject length was increased to 255 characters. rel="nofollow" was added to selected links to prevent excessive spidering of non-content pages. Localisation updates were applied. A new Google CDN plugin was added. The Avatar Management ACP was improved. Rebuilding of private messages, a 'admaccapr.php was not found' error, and several other PHP warnings and notices were fixed.

2011-07-19 13:53

这个版本引入了支持静态论坛页面,全球公布,嵌套的子论坛,和蜘蛛检测。增加了支持的DB2,MS - SQL和Firebird数据库。添加新的语言 - 现在包括超过50翻译。默认模板更新HTML5和格式,以使它们更容易阅读和理解。
标签: Development, Bugfixes, new features
This release introduces support for static forum pages, global announcements, nested sub-forums, and spider detection. Support was added for the DB2, MS-SQL, and Firebird databases. New languages were added - more than 50 translations are now included. The default templates were updated to HTML5 and formatted to make them easier to read and understand.

2010-11-21 07:24

用户现在可以从作业管理的时间表机场核心计划任务(自动进口信息,备份等)。从translatewiki.net最新更新的本地化应用。 jQuery是更新到1.4.3版本。压扁的几个错误。
标签: Minor feature enhancements, Bugfixes, Stable
Users can now schedule ACP tasks from the Job Manager (automated message imports, backups, etc). The latest localization updates from were applied. jQuery was updated to release 1.4.3. Several bugs were squashed.

2010-10-25 23:40

该版本的Oracle数据库,自定义个人资料栏位的支持,调度例行任务,能够搜索带有附件的邮件,新的BBCode标签,邮件列表超过POP3/SSL和IMAP / SSL的进口,并提高了MIME编码的USENET解析职位。它具有几个新的,包括AddThis,Gravatar的,和OpenID支持以及谷歌Analytics和谷歌AdSense集成插件。对白俄罗斯,乌克兰,立陶宛,普什图语,和UG -阿拉伯翻译增加了。几个较小的特点是增加和被压扁的许多错误。
标签: Development, new features, Bugfixes
This release introduces support for Oracle databases, custom profile fields, scheduling of routine tasks, the ability to search for messages with attachments, new BBcode tags, Mailing List importing over POP3/SSL and IMAP/SSL, and improved parsing of MIME-encoded USENET posts. It features several new plugins, including AddThis, Gravatar, and OpenID support as well as Google Analytics and Google AdSense integration. Translations for Belarusian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Pashto, and ug-arab were added. Several smaller features were added and numerous bugs were squashed.

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