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G4L is a hard disk and partition imaging and cloning tool. The created images are optionally compressed, and they can be stored on a local hard drive or transferred to an anonymous FTP server. A drive can be cloned using the "Click'n'Clone" function. G4L supports file splitting if the local filesystem does not support writing files larger than 2GB. The included kernel supports ATA, serial-ATA, and SCSI drives. Common network cards are supported. It is packaged as a bootable CD image with an ncurses GUI for easy use.


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2011-01-31 21:11

这个版本使用的busybox 1.17.4,Linux的2.6.38 RC2和Linux的2.6.37。 vi和vim的链接,纳米增加了。 cleandrive7被修改,以检查jetcat位置。该P选项被添加到本地菜单,允许子目录。构建系统升级到Fedora 14 10。 strace的,单细胞蛋白,rpcbind和rpcinfo增加了。 Partimage和partimaged已更新到0.6.9。 LZMA压缩用于虚拟磁盘。 partimage的改变,使安装带钢。使用- o选项被添加到fsarchiver调用覆盖默认情况下,旧档案。更改默认的内核是Linux的2.6.37。
This version uses busybox 1.17.4, Linux 2.6.38 rc2, and Linux 2.6.37. vi and vim links to nano were added. cleandrive7 was modified to check for jetcat location. The P option was added to the local menu to allow for sub-directories. The build system was upgraded to Fedora 14 from 10. strace, scp, rpcbind, and rpcinfo were added. Partimage and partimaged were updated to 0.6.9. LZMA compression is used for the ramdisk. partimage was changed to make install-strip. The -o option was added to the fsarchiver invocation to overwrite older archives by default. The default kernel was changed to Linux 2.6.37.

2010-11-12 19:02

Links were added to applets in busybox that didn't have them. A failsafe option was created. Code was added to filter out The syslinux 4.03 release from 2010/10/23 (alpha30) is used. The default kernel was changed to 2.6.36. Code was added so that if the F: option file list fails, the old prompt will be used for the filename manual entry.

2010-07-10 17:22

此版本增加了新的内核版本,ncftp 3.2.4,syslinux的4.01,BusyBox的1.17.0。 TestDisk加入到Utility菜单。现在的g4l30o8脚本使用。 cpu_freq内核上设置32.x及以上。有许多次要更新的脚本,缩小体积,以及其他一些补充。
This release added new kernel versions, ncftp 3.2.4, syslinux 4.01, and busybox 1.17.0. TestDisk was added to the Utility menu. The g4l30o8 script is now used. cpu_freq is set on 32.x kernels and above. There were many minor updates to the script to reduce size, and some other additions.

2010-01-29 08:08

此版本更新了内核,BusyBox的,和syslinux的。它更新lblank6的lblank7以清除分区的可用空间。热变形温度(硬件测试)0.36已被释放。 testdisk已添加。此版本使用udpcast二千〇九万一千二百三十〇 。它增加了对卧床reboot.c32。该SYSLINUX的菜单已被分成两个部分:默认和Oldkern。甲重新启动选项已被添加到syslinux的菜单。 cleandrive5已被修改为检查对话与Xdialog。
This release updates the kernel, busybox, and syslinux.
It updates lblank6 to lblank7 to clear free space on partitions. hdt (Hardware Test) 0.36 has been released. testdisk has been added. This release uses udpcast 20091230. It adds reboot.c32 for hdt. The Syslinux menu has been split into two parts: Default and Oldkern. A reboot option has been added to the Syslinux menu. cleandrive5 has been modified to check for dialog and Xdialog.

2009-09-25 19:27

的FTP检查状态,增加了传真:选项。 Linux内核2.6.29.4,和2.6.31包括在内。 Busybox的- 1.15.1为2009年9月23日加补丁中。 lzop支持已添加到BusyBox的syslinux的3.83 pre11与热变形温度(硬件测试)0.34。在点击丁基克隆选择进行了更新,只显示磁盘。 ncftp升级为3.2.3。一些图书馆和支持项目的更新。一些调试的支持增加了对USB和其他变化作出的内核。文件列表的选项进行了更新,显示的日期和大小。 UDP的发送者和UDP的接收器被更新为2009/09/20的版本。
FTP check status was added to the F: option. Linux kernels,, and 2.6.31 are included. Busybox-1.15.1 plus patches as of 9/23/2009 are incorporated. lzop support was added to busybox syslinux 3.83 pre11 with hdt (Hardware Test) 0.34. The Click-n-Clone option was updated to just show disks. ncftp was upgraded to 3.2.3. Some libraries and support programs were updated. Some debug support was added for USB and other changes were made to the kernel. The file list option was updated to show date and size. udp-sender and udp-receiver were updated to the 2009/09/20 version.

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