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gAlan is an audio-processing tool for X Windows
and Win32. It allows you to build synthesizers,
effects chains, mixers, sequencers, drum machines,
etc. in a modular fashion by linking together
icons representing primitive audio processing


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2003-05-01 23:25

标签: Unstable, Major feature enhancements
FFT is now supported. Multiple jack in and out ports are included. Sheet Library updates and some bugfixes were also made. If you are using 0.3.0, and upgrade is recommended.

2003-04-04 17:47

此版本增加了从加兰库目录- 0.2.13的0.3分支。这是一个合并的0.2分支,因此所有的加兰特点0.2.14 +上载这里。
标签: Unstable, Major feature enhancements
This release adds the library directory from galan-0.2.13 to the 0.3
branch. This is a merge from the 0.2 branch, so all the features of
galan-0.2.14+ are available here.

2003-03-21 22:33

一个与ZBuffer bug修复关闭在OpenGL的东西,bug的修复为那些在303vcf造成持久性有机污染物,并排序LADSPA菜单liblrdf支持。
标签: Major bugfixes
A fix for the bug with ZBuffer turned off in the OpenGL stuff, fixes for bugs in 303vcf that were causing pops, and liblrdf support for sorted LADSPA menus.

2003-02-02 07:15

标签: Major feature enhancements
In this release, a directory containing sheets is now presented in the new menu, which means users can add other components they have built and saved into the lib dir on the fly. The oss_output now works on PPC, and the pixmap and data has been moved to $(prefix)/share/galan.

2003-01-15 22:09

此版本支持基于GTK + -2.0和杰克输出。
标签: Unstable, Major feature enhancements
This release supports GTK+-2.0 and Jack output.

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