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gAlan is an audio-processing tool for X Windows
and Win32. It allows you to build synthesizers,
effects chains, mixers, sequencers, drum machines,
etc. in a modular fashion by linking together
icons representing primitive audio processing


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2003-04-04 17:47 Back to release list

此版本增加了从加兰库目录- 0.2.13的0.3分支。这是一个合并的0.2分支,因此所有的加兰特点0.2.14 +上载这里。
标签: Unstable, Major feature enhancements
This release adds the library directory from galan-0.2.13 to the 0.3
branch. This is a merge from the 0.2 branch, so all the features of
galan-0.2.14+ are available here.

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