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GeoTools is a GIS toolkit that is used for OGC-based projects via GeoAPI interfaces. It includes two great SLD based renderers and tools for raster access and reprojection as well as plugins for Shapefile, ArcGrid, ArcSDE, Postgis, OracleSpatial, MySQL, and many more.


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2013-01-24 22:50

此版本功能几个修补程序在世界粮食首脑会议客户端,使其工作对 TinyOWS 和 ArcGIS 世界粮食首脑会议服务器,以及改善在筛选器功能从 SLD (某些功能做了不正确他们的论据从 string 转换到数字) 的用法。一些平铺文物呈现取样的网格覆盖面时被去除了。现在速度更快,地图绘制中的 FIDFilter 对象。
This release features several fixes in the WFS client, making it work against TinyOWS and the ArcGIS WFS server, and improvements in the usage of filter fuctions from SLD (some functions did not properly convert their arguments from string to numeric). Some tiling artifacts when rendering oversampled grid coverages were removed. FIDFilter objects in map rendering are now faster.

2010-05-20 11:45

这是一个修正错误的释放与uDig 1.2反钓鱼一并提出。它增加了对甲骨文Georaster访问和许多小而有趣的改进,包括这是非常有用的内插功能的支持时,造型图。民主左翼联盟生成的文件不再写了“默认”值,这将使一个更可读的结果。
标签: Stable
This is a bugfix release made in conjunction with uDig 1.2-RC3. It adds support for Oracle Georaster access and many small but interesting improvements, including interpolate functions which are very useful when styling maps. Generated SLD files no longer write out "default" values, which will make for a more readable result.

2008-12-11 06:13

此版本修复了从shapefile文件属性读取器的编码问题。 WFSDataStore不再挂起无限期连接。在org.geotools.styling.StrokeImpl不一致的行为已得到修复。 1.0过滤器正确编码FeatureId元素。阿非错误的equalInterval功能数值属性已得到修复。 CQL datetime值不再在甲骨文抛出一个异常。编码器关闭的功能集合。一个具有空属性名称BBox过滤器应予以支持。
标签: Stable, Minor bugfixes
This release fixes an encoding problem from the shapefile attribute reader. WFSDataStore no longer hangs indefinitely on a connection. Inconsistent behavior in org.geotools.styling.StrokeImpl has been fixed. The 1.0 filter properly encodes FeatureId elements. A bug in the equalInterval function for non-numerical attributes has been fixed. CQL datetime values no longer throw an exception in Oracle. The encoder closes feature collections. A BBox filter with an empty property name should be supported.

2008-10-09 05:42

这标志着一个令人兴奋的发展和照抄等一系列新功能模式GeoAPI,Java 5中,基于对单位使用JSR - 275,支持和一些基础功能,第一个稳定版本等等。
标签: Stable, Major feature enhancements
This marks the first stable release of a number of exciting developments and features of the 2.5.x series including a new feature model based on GeoAPI, Java 5, support for units based on JSR-275, and much more.

2008-02-11 22:36

在shapefile文件和PostGIS数据渲染Sgnificant加速比。许多表达式使用转换器,以提高正确处理了一系列的问题。风格界面现在使用GeoAPI过滤器。这个版本可以重定向到备用日志API,使Java连接池的使用,并使用了在Java EE环境epsg数据库中注册的Java数据源。数据存储处理已添加。没有与一小部分为2.4.0用户指南。实施国际标准化组织几何可以作为支持的模块。在社会变革过程中的建议已被采纳。
标签: Stable, Major feature enhancements
Sgnificant speedups in shapefile and PostGIS data rendering. Many expressions improvements using converters to correctly handle a range of queries. Style interfaces now use the GeoAPI filter. This release can redirect to an alternate logging API, makes use of Java connection pools, and uses a registered java DataSource for the epsg database in a Java EE environment. Datastore dispose has been added. There is a user guide with a small section for 2.4.0. The ISO geometry implementation is available as a supported module. The community change proposal process has been adopted.

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