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Gerber Viewer is a viewer for Gerber files, also called RS274X. It lets you load several files on top of each other, do measurements on the displayed image, etc. Using Cairo makes it possible to export Postscript and PDF files.


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2010-03-05 00:58

此版本主要是一个错误修复版本。一角,案件的处理更加顺畅了。的RS - 274X和RS - 274D支持得到了改进,以更好地是否符合规格。几个错误和FAST模式的回归,也得到解决。
标签: Minor bugfixes
This release is primarily a bug fix release. A number of corner cases are handled more smoothly now. RS-274X and RS-274D support has been improved, with better conformance to the specifications. Several bugs and regressions in FAST mode have also been addressed.

2007-11-29 13:56

标签: Major bugfixes
This release include patches collected over one and a half years. The step-and-repeat command now works. An endless loop bug when gerbv encountered an unknown % code was fixed. Better support was provided for small drill files and window size handling was improved when the screen is bigger than the display. Maintainership has broadened to include several more members of the gEDA project.

2006-07-30 16:52

这些更新包括GTK1支持,GCC4 bug修正,进行大修,消除弹出一个自上次发布了SEGV免职,达尔文简单的基础上,和其他bug修正,使gerbv更加稳定。没有增加新的特点。
标签: Major bugfixes
The updates include removal of GTK1 support, a
GCC4 bugfix, a major overhaul to remove a SEGV
that popped up since the last release, a simpler
build on Darwin, and other bugfixes to make gerbv
more stable. No new features were added.

2005-03-08 01:48

标签: Minor bugfixes
The previous release allocates 1 too little in string lengths. Some GCs were not being initialized when drawing apertures in macro primitives.

2004-12-29 15:40

标签: Minor bugfixes
This is the first stable release of gerbv. The
main focus has been on fixing segfaults and build
system problems. Some minor fixes were also made.

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