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GlusterFS is a clustered filesystem capable of scaling to several petabytes. It aggregates various storage bricks over Infiniband RDMA or TCP/IP interconnect into one large parallel network file system. GlusterFS is based on a stackable user space design without compromising performance. It allows access via Swift API, SMB, NFSv3, QEMU/KVM, OpenStack Compute, OpenStack Block Storage, Xen, CloudStack, HDFS API, oVirt, and more, all in a unified backend which enables multiple, simultaneous access points to the same data stores.


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2011-08-30 15:42
3.3 Beta2

标签: 3.3.x, Beta
This release added unified file and object storage, which allows users to access the same data store from a POSIX-style mounted share as well as an S3 or Swift-style, RESTful API-based object store. It also added HDFS compatibility for Hadoop, allowing Hadoop users and developers to use GlusterFS for scale-out storage.

2011-08-30 15:42

这是一个错误修正版和3.1.x系列的最后:固定在重命名操作GFID不匹配的问题,也许固定在复制安装文件列表显示重复的条目问题,和固定的客户机 - 服务器的问题,挂偶尔在不间断的过程。
标签: 3.1.x, Minor bugfixes
This is a bugfix release and perhaps the last of the 3.1.x series: fixed issues related to gfid mismatch during rename operation, fixed the issue of duplicate entries displayed during listing of files in replicated setup, and fixed the issue of client-servers hanging occasionally during uninterruptable processes.

2011-08-30 15:42

标签: Bugfixes, gfid mismatch, 3.2.3
This release fixed errors caused by a GFID mismatch during distributed rename, high CPU usage when Directory Quota is enabled, problems with symlinks during rebalance, and application hanging over glisters mount.

2011-06-14 06:41

这是一个维护版本,增强了表演,并修复了一些错误。它修正了创建和与这两个RDMA和TCP / IP传输型量分担的问题。它解决了与Mac客户端的NFS文件创建的问题。它修正了一个问题,而无效的参数删除文件。还有许多其他的修复和性能增强。
标签: Stable, cli, Minor bugfixes
This is a maintenance release that enhances performances and fixes some bugs. It fixes an issue with creating and sharing of volumes with both RDMA and
TCP/IP transport type. It fixes an issue with NFS file creation with Mac clients. It fixes an issue with invalid arguments while removing a file. There are many other fixes and performance enhancements.

2011-04-02 06:08

此版本增加了许多新的NFS选项,并能够通过RDMA的共享和TCP / IP的同时音量。
标签: Stable, RDMA, Enhancements
This release adds many new NFS options and the ability to share a volume via RDMA and TCP/IP simultaneously.

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