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GNUnet is a peer-to-peer framework with focus on providing security. All peer-to-peer messages in the network are confidential and authenticated. The framework provides a transport abstraction layer and can currently encapsulate the network traffic in UDP, TCP, HTTP, HTTPS, or direct 802.11 (WLAN). GNUnet supports accounting to provide contributing nodes with better service. The services built on top of the framework include anonymous file sharing and a virtual network providing IPv4-IPv6 transition via protocol translation over the P2P network.


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2012-12-22 13:13

此版本添加了对非匿名数据传输的支持对多个跃点 (如果发布服务器和复制器使用匿名级别零)。它修复各种 bug,并包括 gnunet 安装和 gnunet-fs-gtk 用户接口的化妆品改善。
标签: Major bugfixes, Minor feature enhancements
This release adds support for non-anonymous data transfers over multiple hops (if both
publisher and replicator are using an anonymity level of zero).

It fixes various bugs and includes cosmetic improvements in the
gnunet-setup and gnunet-fs-gtk user interfaces.

2012-02-29 07:23

此发行版带来了 VPN 子系统,从而显著提高了性能和稳定性的主要重写。它还包括一个新的线性编程基于自动运输选择机制。它修复各种 bug,并带来各种 API 扩展和其他小的改进。除了 VPN 子系统,此版本是兼容的协议与 GNUnet 0.9.1。
标签: Major feature enhancements, major bug fix
This release brings a major rewrite of the VPN subsystem, resulting in significant performance and stability improvements. It also includes a new linear programming based automatic transport selection mechanism. It fixes various bugs and brings various API extensions and other minor improvements. Except for the VPN subsystem, this release is protocol-compatible with GNUnet 0.9.1.

2011-12-27 07:41

这是一个修复错误版本。值得注意的改进包括改进的关键字提取文件名、 文件共享的内容迁移,为更好地启发和重大交通减少网络大小估计协议。代码现在区分局域网和广域网的带宽消耗。错误修正包括增加的 FD_SETSIZE 上 W32,网络上的消息 W32 和各种崩溃 (在数据存储、 文件共享、 运输、 安非他明类兴奋剂和 hostlist 子系统) 的修复程序纠正的结构对齐。
标签: Major bugfixes
This is a bugfix release. Noteworthy improvements include improved keyword extraction from filenames, a better heuristic for file-sharing content migration, and a significant traffic reduction for the network-size estimation protocol. The code now distinguishes between LAN and WAN for bandwidth consumption. Bugfixes include an increased FD_SETSIZE on W32, corrected struct alignment for network messages on W32, and fixes of various crashes (in the datastore, file-sharing, transport, ATS, and hostlist subsystems).

2011-12-01 09:44

此版本是体系结构上的重大变化和大多数系统是重写。改进包括一个新的多进程体系结构,新的 VPN 子系统、 一个新的安装程序工具 (包括自动的正确性测试的配置)、 对非匿名网路由的支持,通过 NAT 遍历数据对 HTTPS 和 WLAN,在局域网中通过 (IPv4) 广播和多播 (IPv6),对等点发现的运输改进连接,提供显著的性能改进和文件共享,以提高内容复制的电源发布一个事件驱动的执行模型。
标签: Major feature enhancements
This release is a major change of the architecture and a rewrite of most of the system. Improvements include a new multi-process architecture, a new VPN subsystem, a new setup tool (including automated correctness tests for the configuration), support for non-anonymous mesh routing, data transport over HTTPS and WLAN, peer discovery in the LAN via broadcast (IPv4) and multicast (IPv6), improved connectivity via NAT traversal, an event-driven execution model providing significant performance improvements, and power publishing for file sharing to improve content replication.

2010-02-24 08:27

标签: major bug fix
This release fixes two issues that could result in the loss of content in the local data store under certain circumstances.

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