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gThumb is an image viewer written for the GNOME environment. It lets you browse your hard disk, showing you thumbnails of image files. It also lets you view single files (including GIF animations), organize images in catalogs, print images, view slideshows, set your desktop background, and more. gThumb also supports Nautilus thumbnails.


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2012-03-09 08:30

通过被移植到 GTK + 3 和 GSettings。Libunique 依赖项以及使用很多过时的函数删除了。作为一种更强大的方式来选择文件介绍了"选择",类似于临时目录。注释和标记已有所改善。作了很多其他小的改进和增强功能。
标签: Minor feature enhancements, Development
gThumb was ported to GTK+ 3 and GSettings. The libunique dependency was removed as well as the use of many deprecated functions. "Selections", similar to temporary catalogs, were introduced as a more powerful way to select files. Commenting and tagging was improved. Many other minor improvements and enhancements were made.

2012-01-25 08:06

几个小 bug 被固定。
标签: Minor bugfixes, Stable
Several minor bugs were fixed.

2011-10-28 06:04

介绍了一种工具来旋转图像的任何程度、 锐化工具、 删除文件的元数据、 重复查找器、 联系表的创建者和侧边栏的直方图视图的工具。现在可以重命名文件目录中。"复制到剪贴板中的图像"和"粘贴从剪贴板图像"被添加的功能。添加地图视图是为了查看照片是地理位置。现在可以从文件夹导入文件。现在支持导出到。作了很多其他的可用性改进和几个错误修正。
标签: Major feature enhancements, Stable
A tool to rotate images of any degree, a sharpen tool, a tool to delete files' metadata, a duplicate finder, a contact sheet creator, and a histogram view for the sidebar were introduced. Files in a catalog can now be renamed. "Copy image to clipboard" and "paste image from clipboard" features were added. A map view was added to view the geographical position where the picture was taken. Files can now be imported from a folder. Export to is now supported. Many other usability improvements and several bugfixes were made.

2011-10-18 06:06

解决了几个系统崩溃。PgUp/PgDown 导航现在工作时在全屏幕模式下启动。图像滚动了速度更快。其他小 bug 被固定。翻译进行了更新。
标签: Minor bugfixes, Stable
Several crashes were resolved. PgUp/PgDown navigation now works when started in fullscreen mode. Image scrolling was made faster. Other minor bugs were fixed. Translations were updated.

2011-01-18 08:17

标签: Minor bugfixes
Several minor bugs were fixed. Translations were updated.

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