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Hastymail is a full featured IMAP/SMTP client written in PHP. The goal is a full featured yet lightweight Web mail client. After a complete review and rewrite, it provides many improvements over the original code including optional AJAX functionality, improved code organization, a plugin API, CSS and PHP template themes, and much more.


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2011-11-12 01:53
2 1.1 RC2

此版本添加了一小撮自 RC1,以来的变化包括两个重要的安全更新。建议的用户升级,以减轻任何威胁。
标签: security stable RC2
This release adds a handful of changes since RC1, including two important security updates. Users are recommended to upgrade to mitigate any threats.

2011-09-07 15:17
2 1.1 RC1

此版本包括了许多自上次的稳定版本的修复和改善。两个最近发现的XSS问题是固定的。 HTML过滤是通过切换到HTMLPurifier 4.3.0升级。加入两个新主题,包括“干净”的主题的显著重新设计。被添加了四个新的插件,包括message_tags插件,让您组织您的邮件使用标签。
标签: RC, Stable
This release includes many fixes and improvements since the last stable version. Two recently discovered XSS issues were fixed. HTML filtering was upgraded by switching to HTMLPurifier 4.3.0. Two new themes were added, including a significant redesign with the "clean" theme. Four new plugins were added, including a message_tags plugin that lets you organize your messages using tags.

2010-09-20 11:38
2 1.0

标签: Stable
A lot of testing and feedback has resulted in many bugfixes and improvements in all areas of the core code. Several plugins have been updated with new features and fixes, and 5 new ones have been added: username, saved_search, custom_reply_to, login_alias, and pop_fetch. Supporting software like tinyMCE and Soundmanager2 have been updated to newer versions, and the HTML content filter has been deprecated in favor of htmLawed. The interface has been optimized to have fewer HTTP requests, better caching, improved theme CSS, and W3C-valid XHTML.

2010-03-16 23:58
2 RC9

The Finnish, Polish, and Dutch translations were updated, and a Russian translation was added. Two new plugins were added: a message digest plugin and the "move sent" plugin. The filters, js_help, and HTML mail plugins were updated. Contact group support and several new features and UI improvements were added. Many bugs were fixed.

2009-12-07 13:13
2 RC 8

标签: Release Candidate
This release expands the plugin API with more tools methods and hooks, updates several plugins, and adds an IMAP quota, Javascript notices, compose page address auto-completion, extended options help, and AJAX message signing plugins. Themes have been improved with optional message and folder icons and selected message highlighting. The changelog has over 60 fixes and additions since the last release.

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