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The Hollywood Plus/DXR3 Linux Drivers provide kernel drivers for MPEG/DVD decoders based on the em8300 chipset. This includes the DXR3 from Creative Labs and the Hollywood Plus from Sigma Designs.


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2005-06-08 00:30

此版本支持Linux 2.6,使用了动态分配的主设备号(的人谁使用devfs或者udev),并有许多小错误修正。
标签: Major feature enhancements
This release supports Linux 2.6, uses dynamic assignment of major numbers (for people who use devfs or udev), and has many minor bugfixes.

2004-03-02 15:24

信号量,而不是现在使用自旋锁。是对的sparc64,PowerPC和Alpha平台上作出修正。 32位的ioctls现在支持64位系统。的I2C支持是固定的。在大端系统的音频是固定的。多卡的模块选择固定。阿O_NONBLOCK错误是固定的。
标签: Major bugfixes
Semaphores are now used instead of spinlocks.
Fixes were made for the sparc64, powerpc, and
alpha platforms. 32-bit ioctls are now supported
in 64-bit systems. i2c support was fixed. Audio on
big-endian systems was fixed. The module options
for multiple cards were fixed. A O_NONBLOCK bug
was fixed.

2002-11-09 11:24

标签: Major bugfixes
This release contains a new em8300setup utility to replace em8300init, fixes multicard support, and provides some bugfixes.

2002-03-05 18:23

很多固定的错误音频播放相关的固定。数字AC3是固定的。调查/选择支援的是,因为它能够获得更好的应用程序使用它们的反应。单声道数字输出音频播放是固定的。汇编有关缺陷的2.2和2.5内核是固定的。新的命名方法是现在使用,在设备被称为/ dev/em8300 *- 0,增长至-3,如果你有超过1设备。该驱动程序现在包括微的作品同时在好莱坞+和用于DXR3。
标签: Major feature enhancements
Lots of bugs fixed related to audio playback were
fixed. Digital AC3 was fixed. poll/select support
was added, since it yields better responsiveness
in apps that use them. Mono audio playback on
digital output was fixed. Bugs related to
compilation on 2.2 and 2.5 kernels were fixed. A
new naming scheme is now used, where devices are
called /dev/em8300*-0, up to -3 if you have more
than 1 device. The driver now includes microcode
which works on both the Hollywood+ and the DXR3.

2002-01-21 03:06

标签: Major bugfixes

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