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imapsync is a tool for facilitating incremental recursive IMAP transfers from one mailbox to another. It is useful for mailbox migration or backup, and reduces the amount of data transferred by only copying messages that are not present on both servers. Read, unread, and deleted flags are preserved, and the process can be stopped and resumed. The original messages can optionally be deleted after a successful transfer.


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2011-07-29 14:36

添加了一个新的 - 搜索选项,允许您选择强大的IMAP SEARCH命令的消息。有什么可以做的是选择日期,任何标志,发件人,主题,正文字符串,任何头,大小,UID的,等错误被固定为更好地处理文件夹的创建,因此它不再是一个失败的一个文件夹“已​​经存在”在它的创作。与头imapsync交易的方式进行了改进,使信息的重复的问题现在非常少见的。重新连接TLS模式现在做得很好。其他许多小错误修正和可用性方面的改进。现在的默认行为是在大多数情况下,最好的一个。
标签: Major feature enhancements, Major bugfixes
A new --search option was added, allowing you to select messages with the powerful IMAP SEARCH command. What can be done is selection by dates, any flag, From, Subject, body string, any Header, sizes, uids, etc. Bugs were fixed to better handle folder creation, so it's no longer a failure when a folder "already exists" during its creation. The way imapsync deals with headers was improved so that message duplicate issues are now rare. Reconnections are well done in TLS mode now. Many other small bugfixes and usability improvements were made. The default behavior is now the best one for most cases.

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