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slack-get is a toolbox like apt-get for Slackware Linux. It will support an indexing system for use on non-standard packages. It also supports a Perl/Qt GUI, which requires perlQt.


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2006-06-30 16:39

标签: Major feature enhancements, Development
This release adds new widgets for the GUI, speed
improvements, and new

2005-10-11 09:18

标签: Development
The "daemon stop bug" was fixed. An alpha version of the plug-in system was included along with support for internationalization (French and English are currently supported). Some little bugs in the GUI were fixed and LocalEditor, a GUI plug-in was included. Some important modifications were made in the slackget10 library bundle. A shell script that automatically installs the 25 required Perl modules waS Included. The daemon now scans more than one directory for the configuration file (just like the GUI) and now automatically creates all caches at launch time.

2005-09-26 10:30

许多错误也得到了修复。新的小装置,并加入新的slack_conf版本。 “查看”菜单中添加了GUI中有三个视图。一个很大的性能提升已完成。
标签: Development
Many bugs were fixed. A new widget was added for
the new slack_conf version. The "View" menu was
added in the GUI with three views available. A
very big performance improvement was done.

2005-09-15 22:59

标签: Development
Many changes and updates in the slack-get 1.0 library (slackget10), a new GUI packages browser, improved performance, and a new GUI widget for presenting package information.

2005-09-09 11:14

标签: Development
Everything was newly recreated.

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