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Kernel Configuration Comparison (kccmp) provides a
GUI for comparing two Linux kernel ".config"
files. It shows configuration variables with
different values in a tabular format. It also
shows configuration variables found in only one of
the input configuration files.


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2012-02-13 04:07

此发行版中删除依赖于刺激、 只支持 Qt 4.x 和使单元格可选择的项目,所以你可以复制/粘贴它们。
This release removes the dependency on boost, only supports Qt 4.x, and makes cell items selectable so you can copy/paste them.

2005-10-03 09:48

这个版本是移植到Qt 3.x的对于libboost_regex要求被删除。无论使用哪种Qt的4.x或Qt的3.X中大楼现在支持。
This release was ported to Qt 3.x. The requirement
for libboost_regex was removed. Building with
either Qt 4.x or Qt 3.x is now supported.

2005-10-01 10:03

标签: Initial freshmeat announcement

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