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Lazarus is a RAD Object Pascal Development IDE for use with Free Pascal. It is the open source equivalent of the Delphi VCL, designed to be widget-independent and to work on any platform where Free Pascal can be found.


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2013-02-05 08:43

This is a bugfix release.

2012-03-16 10:25

此版本基于上新 fpc 2.6.0 释放,并包含 backported 修正错误的数目。
This release is based on the new fpc 2.6.0 release and contains a number of backported bugfixes.

2011-03-29 00:34

标签: Major feature enhancements
This release is based on fpc 2.4.2 and contains a large number of new features.

2009-11-01 21:53

标签: minor bug fix release
This release fixes compiling a test application without saving (missing project1.lrs). The Lazarus directory is now set correctly by the deb package. Some other small fixes are also included.

2009-10-14 21:54

在这个重要版本的IDE有很多源像显示编辑器的改进“双宽”字体(如东区,日文,中文和阿拉伯文),更好的代码折叠,突出显示,syncro编辑和持久块。在组装调试器窗口,方便异常处理和断点属性。现在使用的散货作为在Linux和BSD默认widgetset GTK2的,还包括多TMonitor级监视器支持。重构的散货减少约15%的可执行文件的最小尺寸。在TFrame支持的支持大大改善,所以你可以在IDE中直观巢设计师。
In this major release, the IDE has many source editor improvements like display of "double width" fonts (such as Eastern, Japanese, Chinese, and Arabic), better code folding, highlighting, syncro editing, and persistent blocks. The debugger has assembler windows, easier exception handling, and breakpoint properties. The LCL now uses GTK2 as the default widgetset on Linux and BSD and includes the TMonitor class for multi-monitor support. Refactoring of LCL reduced the minimum size of executables by about 15%. The support of TFrame support has improved, so you can visually nest designers in the IDE.

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