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LEAF is a secure, feature-rich, customizable embedded Linux network appliance for use in a variety of network topologies. Although it can be used in other ways, it's primarily used as a Internet gateway, router, firewall, and wireless access point.


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2011-11-27 07:46

此版本恢复星号,并添加 SSH 被列入黑名单,开机时间、 加快了包更新到上游和轻微的改善。
标签: Major feature enhancements, Stable
This release reinstates asterisk, adds SSH blacklisting, speeds up boot time, and has package updates to upstream and minor improvements.

2011-11-02 06:14

重要的变化是 OpenSSL 1.0.0.e、 鱿鱼版本与 IPv6 的支持,以及新添加的软件包 ClamAV 和 HAVP 的更新。
标签: Beta
Important changes are the update of OpenSSL to 1.0.0.e, a squid version with IPv6 support, and the newly added packages ClamAV and HAVP.

2011-10-09 01:49

此版本修复了两个小 bug 从候选发布版本。从 4.0 的变化包括内核和其他软件包的更新,并第一次,DHCPv6 服务器支持。
标签: Stable
This release fixes two minor bugs from the release candidate.
Changes from 4.0 includes kernel and other package updates and, for the first time, DHCPv6 server support.

2011-10-02 09:22

此第一次发布候选的白令海-uClibc 4.1 提供支持热插拔、 ipv6、 dhcp 和通常更新到最新的上游版本 shorewall。
标签: Major feature enhancements, Minor bugfixes
This first release candidate of Bering-uClibc 4.1 provides support for hotplugging, dhcp with ipv6, and the usual update of shorewall to the latest upstream version.

2011-09-02 06:26

更新到2.6.35.14内核和busybox的1.19。新的上游版本的dnsmasq和tinyproxy。 mbusd,systsat,PPP - HSH和改善螺母包中的修补程序。
Updates the kernel to and busybox to 1.19. New upstream versions of dnsmasq and tinyproxy. Fixes for mbusd, systsat, and ppp-hsh, and improvements in the nut package.

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