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The Linux From Scratch project is intended for Linux users who want to build their own custom Linux system. Reasons for wanting to build such a system are diverse. Perhaps you want to get into more detail as to what happens behind the scenes. Perhaps you are fed up with the bloated standard distributions. Or perhaps you don't want to rely on pre-compiled binaries out of concerns for security.


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2005-07-12 15:06

此版本包含了升级包(包括Linux,海合会3.4.3,2.3.4 Glibc的大量)和安全补丁(包括最近披露zlib的漏洞)。它还包括对整个本书的编辑解释性材料大量工作,提高双方的清晰度和文本的准确性。
标签: Documentation, Stable
This release includes a large number of package
upgrades (including Linux, GCC 3.4.3,
Glibc 2.3.4) and security fixes (including the
recently disclosed zlib vulnerability). It also
includes a large amount of editorial work on the
explanatory material throughout the book,
improving both the clarity and accuracy of the

2004-12-09 05:15

从头开始社区Linux很高兴地宣布,LFS的6.0版本。这本书的主要修订包括一个包括GCC 3.4.x,Linux内核2.6.8.1,以及Udev的软件包一些重大的软件包升级,为设备节点动态创建允许。该文还大大改写为提高可读性。
标签: Major bugfixes, Stable
The Linux From Scratch community is pleased to announce the release of LFS 6.0. This major revision of the book includes a number of major package upgrades, including GCC 3.4.x, Linux kernel, and the Udev software package, allowing for dynamic creation of device nodes. The text has also been vastly rewritten for improved readability.

2004-06-06 12:03

标签: Minor bugfixes, Stable
This release fixed several release-process related problems and minor spelling and grammatical errors. The package and patch versions remain unchanged.

2004-02-02 13:20

标签: Minor bugfixes, Development

2003-11-05 23:14

这一重大里程碑的特点与建设从主机系统正确的编译环境和基础库独立十分重视的新方法。它采用2.4.22版Linux内核,GNU C库2.3.2,GNU编译器,3.3.1,和来自LILO的引导程序GRUB的变化,除其他软件包升级。这本书的解释文也得到了加强。
标签: Major feature enhancements, Stable
This major milestone features a new method with strong emphasis on building a correct compilation environment and base libraries independent from the host system. It features Linux kernel version 2.4.22, the GNU C Library 2.3.2, the GNU Compiler Collection 3.3.1, and a bootloader change from LILO to GRUB, amongst other package upgrades. The book's explanatory texts have also been enhanced.

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