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LIRC is a package that supports receiving and sending IR signals of the most common IR remote controls. It contains a daemon that decodes and sends IR signals, a mouse daemon that translates IR signals to mouse movements, and a couple of user programs that allow to control your computer with a remote control.


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2009-09-13 21:51

为的IMON设备的支持已经大为改善,并安装程序简化。新的支持,并加入IT8720和东北偏东KB3926(ENE0100)税务局局长端口。配置文件,插座位置,及PID文件被转移到符合文件系统层次标准。 lircmd现在包括对Linux输入层的支持。 lircd现在支持解码的XMP协议。
Support for iMON devices has been improved substantially and setup was simplified. New support was added for IT8720 and ENE KB3926 (ENE0100) CIR ports. Locations of configuration files, sockets, and PID files were moved to conform to the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard. lircmd now includes support for the Linux input layer. lircd now supports decoding the XMP protocol.

2009-05-22 03:46

此版本具有以下Linux输入公约规范的命名空间。现在是可能的输入事件自动生成的Linux使用uinput。此版本还增加了以下的硬件支持:华邦8769L约定资讯速率端口(例如关于宏基Aspire 6530G找到),FTDI公司FT232以外的红外线接收器,Awox的射频/红外遥控,伊蒙液晶显示器等设备,并安泰克品牌伊蒙和VFD液晶显示装置。
This release features a standardized namespace following Linux input conventions. Now it's possible to autogenerate Linux input events using uinput. This release also adds support for the following hardware: Winbond 8769L CIR port (e.g. found on the Acer Aspire 6530G), FTDI FT232-based IR Receiver, Awox RF/IR Remote, iMon LCD devices, and Antec-branded iMon LCD and VFD devices.

2008-10-13 05:38

这是一个维护版本增加了对内核版本支持高达2.6.27。驱动程序支持ITE8709约定资讯速率港口加入。一种新的pronto2lirc转换器允许您转换阿诺德普文件lircd配置文件。 lircd.conf现在支持其他配置文件,其中包括使用include指令。
This is a maintenance release adding support for kernel versions up to 2.6.27. A driver supporting ITE8709 CIR ports was added. A new pronto2lirc converter allows you to convert Pronto files to lircd config files. lircd.conf now supports including other config files using the include directive.

2008-05-04 23:04

这是一个更新版本支持的内核版本直至包括2.6.25。它添加了像三星USB红外线接收多个设备的支持,Soundgraph的IMON红外/ LCD显示,IRLink接收器,VLSystem MPlay爆炸,Hauppauge公司的HVR - 1300,等等。 irsend现在支持模拟指挥模拟红外事件。
标签: Major feature enhancements
This release is an update to support kernel versions up to and including 2.6.25. It adds support for several devices like the Samsung USB IR Receive, Soundgraph iMON IR/LCD, IRLink receiver, VLSystem MPlay Blast, Hauppauge HVR-1300, and many more. irsend now supports a SIMULATE command to simulate IR events.

2007-06-10 08:43

现在的lirc_mceusb2驱动程序支持设置载波频率。 lircd包括一个命令行开关,能够自动释放事件产生。 lircd现在自动尝试重新打开lirc的设备应经常读失败。是个障碍错误在RC - 6发送代码是固定的。下列设备的支持是说:TechnoTrend USB红外线接收器,苹果Mac mini USB红外线接收器,ADSTech USBX - 707的USB红外线爆破,创新的USB红外线接收器(SB0540),华硕DH Remote,卡纳姆口音,和SoundGraph的IMON DT和2.4克审裁处。
标签: Major feature enhancements
The lirc_mceusb2 driver now supports setting the
carrier frequency. lircd includes a command line
switch that enables automatic release event
generation. lircd now automatically tries to
reopen the lirc device regularly if reading fails.
A show-stopper bug in RC-6 transmit code was
fixed. Support for the following devices was
added: TechnoTrend USB IR receiver, Apple Mac mini
USB IR receiver, ADSTech USBX-707 USB IR blaster,
Creative USB IR receiver (SB0540), Asus DH remote,
Kanam Accent, and SoundGraph iMON 2.4G DT and LT.

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