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lm_sensors provides essential tools for monitoring the temperatures, voltages, and fans of Linux systems with hardware monitoring devices. It contains a library for sensors access (libsensors), a command-line tool for sensor reporting (sensors), and a daemon (sensord). It also contains scripts for sensor hardware identification and fan speed control.


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2012-03-20 06:12

Libsensors 和传感器添加了很多分功能的支持。Sysfs 检测被固定在即将到来的内核的 sysfs 执行更改后继续工作。改进的电源传感器印刷了。在 sensord 中修复了内存泄漏。又加上新的芯片检测传感器检测到。
标签: Minor bugfixes, Minor feature enhancements
Support for many sub-features was added to libsensors and sensors. Sysfs detection was fixed to keep working after a sysfs implementation change in upcoming kernels. Printing of power sensors was improved. Memory leaks were fixed in sensord. Detection of new chips was added to sensors-detect.

2011-07-22 18:12

标签: Stable, Minor feature enhancements
Detection of new devices was added to sensors-detect.

2011-03-29 00:33

标签: Major feature enhancements
Support for chassis intrusion detection and humidity sensors was added, as well as many new attributes for existing sensor types.

2010-10-12 20:55

标签: Stable, Minor bugfixes
The libsensors license was changed from GPL to LGPL. Minor bugs were fixed in libsensors, pwmconfig, sensors, and sensord. The sensors-detect script knows more chips than ever.

2010-02-03 19:34

标签: Minor bugfixes, Stable
This is a maintenance release with essentially a collection of small bugfixes and minor improvements. In particular, support for HID devices was added and sensord received a lot of cleanups again.

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